Different Types of Marquee

Inside Outside Marquee Hire manufacture and hire frame tents, canvas traditional pole tents and chinese hat pagoda marquees for many uses as well as bespoke structures, awnings, walkways and specialist equipment for split-level and sloping ground conditions.

Frame Tents

Aluminium frame tents have no centre poles or guy ropes, can be erected on any surface and adjacent to buildings or annexe tents. Much more stable and can span a much wider area over pools, flower beds or trees. Frame Marquee Picture.

Traditional Pole Marquees

Canvas under tension by means of centre poles, side poles and guy ropes which are attached to ground stakes hammered into soft surfaces only such as a lawn or field. Hand made of white cotton canvas, traditional poled marquees are more attractive but much less practical and versatile. Canvas Pole Marquee Picture.

Chinese Hat Pagoda

5M x 5M frame modules which are easily joined to make attractive multiple peaks. Ideal for smaller parties, champagne bar or entrances. Chinese Hat Pagoda Marquee Picture.

Aluminium Frame Tents vs Canvas Pole Marquees

Aluminium frame tents are rigid frame structures which are much more sturdy and versatile. They can be erected 'off the house' in many cases, negating the need for connecting awnings and often covering flower beds and patios. Although they do have pvc roof sections, we make our own walls and gable ends from canvas, to allow some air flow to keep the tent cool in summertime.

Chinese hat pagoda marquees are rigid frames of a fixed size, and are a simple and attractive covering for small numbers. Also referred to as witches hats or garden cottages, these are attractive, simple modern frame marquees.

Our traditional pole tents are made from canvas, not PVC. The benefit of natural fibre as opposed to PVC is that it breathes, ie. it allows air to permeate it which means in the heat of Summer, it will be slightly cooler than plastic tent covers and much less humid. This makes traditional canvas poled marquees ideal for informal summer parties.