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2021 Wedding marquee trends

June 25, 2020

We’ve seen a couple of growing marquee hire trends in recent years. If current enquiry levels are any indication, clear roofed and traditional pole marquees will continue to trend through 2021 and beyond.

But what impact, if any, will the COVID-19 pandemic have on 2021 wedding marquee trends? Summer has always been the most popular time of year for weddings. However, we’ve seen an increase in winter wedding enquiries over the last few years too.

Will COVID related wedding and event postponements cause availability issues and drive growth in the winter wedding marketplace?

The COVID effect

2021 marquee wedding trendsSummer has always been the most popular time of year for weddings. But the unprecedented impact of the Coronavirus on wedding bookings for 2020 may have some unexpected side effects in 2021 and beyond.

Couples with weddings originally booked for summer 2020 are now finding themselves competing against new enquiries for the hottest dates in summer 2021. With a finite number of summer weekend dates available, and with two years worth of party and wedding bookings vying for them, demand is likely to exceed ability to supply.

So, what 2021 weeding marquee trends do we expect to see as a result? Recent years have seen an increase in enquires for winter weddings. A minor trend at perhaps, but with summer dates at a premium we expect to see more couples opting to tie the knot during the colder months.

Winter weddings

Winter weddings are spectacular, in many ways offering more than the popular summer alternative. On the surface, a beautiful, hot summers day may seem difficult to compete with. However, consider the following factors and you may well find the scales evening up – or even tipping in the opposite direction.

2021 wedding marquee trendsSummer weather is unpredictable. Summer weddings are popular because brides and grooms dream of long, hot summers days and a beautiful setting bathed in bright sunshine. But what if it’s cloudy? What if it rains and what if the temperature is lower than expected?

Summer is also the most popular time of year for family holidays. It’s a factor well worth considering; most couples want to share their big day with all of their closest family and friends.

What about the wedding breakfast? If your sit down meal is taking place on a hot summers day then your guests could 2021 wedding marquee trendsfind themselves feeling rather hot and bothered. Especially if you are interested in another of our 2021 marquee trends, the clear roofed marquee (see below).

And finally, whilst long, bright summer evenings may sound wonderful, everyone knows that all the best party’s start after the sun goes down!

A winter marquee can be beautifully themed. Cosy, warm and welcoming. The winter weather is much more predictable and as a result we don’t find ourselves at its mercy when it comes to the big day itself.

A marquee featuring a beautiful, sparkly starcloth ceiling, carpets and plush furnishings, wonderful winter floristry and ambient lighting is guaranteed to deliver the wow factor. We know, because we’ve delivered some unbelievable winter weddings in recent years.

Read more about winter marquees here

Clear roofed marquees

A popular and growing trend is the clear, or clear roofed marquee. Since Pippa Middleton chose to hold her wedding reception in a large, clear marquee, we’ve seen a surge in enquiries.

2021 wedding marquee trendsIn terms of 2021 wedding marquee trends, it’s the clear roofed option that seems to be growing in popularity. A clear roof is a beautiful option. It lets plenty of light in and it adds an interesting feature to your marquee venue.

We have plenty of advice to offer on clear roofed marquee hire. Click here for some helpful pointers and tips if you’re considering hiring a clear roofed marquee.

Whilst beautiful, as alluded to in the winter marquee section above, you need to consider the ‘greenhouse’ effect if you are planning on hiring a clear roofed marquee during the summer months. 2021 wedding marquee trendsYou don’t want to roast your guests during the wedding breakfast!

During winter, the clear roofed marquee option is perfect. It maximises light and, with added spot lit roof sails, creates a spectacular effect and talking point.

Whatever the time of year, we always recommend clear window walls and clear marquee gable ends in order maximise the views and scenery outside the marquee. In the summer they bring the gardens inside, in the winter you can uplight trees, buildings and other garden features and show them off to your guests.

Traditional pole marquees

The traditional pole marquee has seen a resurgence in recent years. We’re starting to see more and more enquiries for this pretty, traditional and simplistic marquee option in 2021. In fact it’s one of the 2021 wedding marquee trends that we expect to see extending into the years beyond too.

2021 wedding marquee trendsFeaturing a canvas covering, guy ropes and internal poles for support, the ‘Trad’ is the perfect marquee solution for those looking for a simple, rustic, boho or country style wedding.

Trads do not require internal linings and they work extremely well with simple coconut matting flooring. This all adds up to a marquee that’s not only an attractive option, but a cost effective one too.

It’s worth noting however, that trads are a seasonal marquee option. They are only viable during the warmer drier months due to the nature of their structure and support mechanism.

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