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21st Birthday Party – Find your inspiration here!

May 10, 2016

So what’s the big deal about turning 21? At 18 you acquire all kinds of legal rights – such as buying alcohol, get married without parental permission, buy a house, vote in political elections – yet 21 is still very much seen as a coming of age. This is probably partly due to the fact that until 1969 21 was the age at which a person was entitled to vote – it represented the transition to adulthood and taking on greater responsibility.

Today, 21 is the age at which you are entitled to the adult National Minimum Wage. And, for anyone who has continued into higher education, 21 is the likely age at which you’ll be entering the world of work. So there is still a strong sense that 21 is a milestone – and a good reason to celebrate!

Here are just a few ideas for turning a 21st birthday party into a truly memorable themed event.

Eastern promise
Dress a marquee with subtle details – lanterns, coloured drapes and a largeMorrocan theme Indian-style carpet – to create a casual, beautiful space, ideal if you’re planning a sit-down meal with close friends and family this would be perfect. Lighting  will add to the atmosphere when it gets dark.

Casual floor dining
Choose an Indian-style tent or ‘Chinese Hat’ pagoda marquees and add fairy lights, lanterns, comfy scatter cushions, patterned fabrics for a Moroccan theme. Serve a buffet or three-course meal on a long table and accompany with wine and cocktails! It’s a great way to make the most of a garden on a warm summer’s day.

Event Catering

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Hollywood glamour
You just can’t go wrong with glitz and glamour – and everyone loves an excuse to dress up. Go black tie and hold a sophisticated Hollywood party in a black, white and red themed marquee. A swanky bar with an LED starlit dance floor  would be a great addition for a party destined to go on until the early hours. Comfortable, stylish seating  can be placed around the edge of the marquee for a moment’s rest, or serve a three-course meal in a dedicated dining area.

James Bond
Serve your Martinis shaken not stirred with a casino-themed cocktail night. Black décor, a star cloth ceiling and mirrored dance floor will set the scene nicely. Champagne and canapés served to guests on arrival will add to the sense of sophistication. A casino area will keep guests entertained and a cocktail bar  with seating around it will be great for mingling. Don’t forget to tell your guests to dress up to the nines!

Pink Party

Image supplied by At Home Catering

Go pink!
Especially for the girls, who wouldn’t have fun with a Grease, Clueless or (on Wednesdays) a Mean Girls theme – this is a great one to get creative with. Pink carpet, roof drapes, chairs, bars, table cloth, napkins… the list is endless, there is any amount of decoration  you can add to theme a marquee!

American diner
The 50s just never seem to go out of fashion! Dress up a marquee as an American diner with a black and white dance floor. Set up food stations serving popcorn, hot dogs, French fries, candy floss and adult milkshakes and arrange a soundtrack of back-to-back rock’n’roll classics. Casual seating, bright colours and a disco ball are the perfect finishing touches.

Ski lodge themeSki chalet
Great for the colder months, this is a great idea for anyone who loves to ski. Choose a chalet-style marquee and fit it out with boarded flooring,  bare trees, fairy lights, fake snow, fur and red and white gingham décor to create a traditional Alpine feel, just as if you were back on the slopes. Serve a scrumptious three-course dinner with ice cold beer.


Harry Potter
An entire generation has grown up with Harry, Ron and Hermione, so why not celebrate with a a favourite theme from childhood. Long wooden tables and hanging filament bulbs would set the scene perfectly for a fabulous Harry Potter party. Line the marquee with owls, add some atmospheric lighting, a vintage-style bar serving cocktails in glass bottles, especially your own version of Butter Beer, and decorate with candles galore. This is such a fun theme to play with, so make sure there is a dress code and that everyone arrives with a wand and broomstick!

Hiring a marquee for a party provides a blank canvas on which to create whatever theme you want – it can transform the most basic back garden into something totally amazing and unexpected. And don’t let the winter months put you off the idea, our marquees are not just for summer! They can be heated very effectively, have waterproof linings and will withstand winds of up to 80mph!

Why not take a look at some of the marquees we offer  or find out more about our house extension marquees . If you would like to contact us for more information or a quote, we would be happy to help.

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