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The Perfect Valentines Rose

January 13, 2016

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching there are various traditional ways to celebrate it, particularly by the giving of flowers or a gift to a loved one.

John Menhennett at Blomster Designs gives advice on how to pick the best roses and gifts for the occasion.

Beautiful red roses are most associated with Valentine’s Day for good reason, they represent love and romance, the darker the red the more intense the love, whether it be a single red rose or a dozen, not all are created equal! They come in many different varieties and lengths, the quality and price can vary enormously – between the man selling them from the lay-by or traffic lights, to the supermarket and an independent florist. The Grand Prix Red Rose is one that particularly stands out this time of year – looking to send them to a loved one? Blomster Designs dozen Gran Prix Red Roses

Blomster Designs Roses Bouquet

Some loved ones are grateful to receive them whichever variety, others will know instantly where you’ve purchased them from (hopefully not the petrol station), so beware! If you follow my advice you should be able to make the right choice; make sure they do not look torn, the colour is meant to be bright and extremely vibrant with no wilting or brown edges. Don’t purchase roses that are tightly wrapped buds, they are likely to lose their outer petals before they even bloom, the same applies for ones that have completely bloomed, their life span will be extremely short. Look for a bouquet where the flowers are slightly open, with petals that are a bit loose at the top for the longest life span.

Sometimes flowers alone simply won’t do, whether you are unconventional or follow tradition it is always nice to surprise a loved one with a gift … but what?

An ornament or decorative piece you wouldn’t buy everyday will show that you’ve put a lot of thought into your gift. The Scandinavians seem to know a thing or two about great design, they’re characterised by their simplicity, minimalistic and functional designs.

FBlomster Designs_Cobra_Candelabraor a lovely accompaniment to the flowers, why not give a candle in a lovely holder, a framed picture of you both or a charming ornamental wicker heart? Blomster Designs can help you with either option, whether it’s flowers or gifts, we have a team of experienced florists and over 800 Scandinavian designed Home ware and Gifts to choose from. It is never too early to get an order in!


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