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Floral themes: Make your marquee unique

June 18, 2019

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again  – a marquee is a fantastic blank canvas as an event venue. But it’s the internal decoration and finishing touches that distinguish one marquee from another. Floral themes can make a huge difference, so we decided to ...


A marquee? But what if it rains!

June 11, 2019

Marquees make fantastic venues all year around. We can understand why people might worry about having a marquee during the colder months, or during the rainy season. We’ve been supplying seasonal marquees for use all year round since 1980; with the correct planning a ...


Pagoda marquees: versatile, decorative marquees

June 4, 2019

‘Chinese hats’ or pagoda marquees are versatile, decorative structures that can be used in a wide variety of different ways. From entrances to reception areas, chill out zones or in a row or cluster by themselves – the Pagoda marquee has many uses. Inside Outside offer ...


Things to do to celebrate a special occasion

May 28, 2019

Looking to celebrate a special occasion? Life is full of opportunities to celebrate; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bah-mitzvas, Christmas, Easter – need I go on! But how do you make sure you celebrate a special occasion in a way that’s, well… special? In ...


Gathering marquee hire quotes

May 22, 2019

If you’re gathering marquee hire quotes then you’ll have probably already realised just how many different types of marquee there are out there. And as the quotes roll in you’ll see that they are available at a wide variety of price points too. In this blog we’ll give ...


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