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Catering trends and traditions with a twist

September 17, 2015

To paraphrase poet John Lydgate, ‘…you can’t please all of the people all of the time,’ but perhaps with some back to basics catering, coupled with a little out-of-the-box thinking, you could get close…


Famous foodies
When Titanic actress Kate Winslet famously served guests at her (first!) wedding bash with bangers ‘n’ mash the traditional treat went down as well as the afore mentioned vessel while pop impresario Simon Cowell brought the X Factor to his 50th birthday party by serving Shepherds pie and Yorkshire puddings as pre reverie hors d’oeurves.

So what does it all mean? Should we drop the catering companies and simply order in some fish and chips? Of course not – people enjoy traditional foods, but it’s the special touches and innovative thinking that a great catering company can bring to your big day that really brings it to life.


Traditional foods with a twist
You may like the idea of a traditional base for your menu but there’s a whole supporting cast of exciting ingredients just waiting to get in on the act – infusing some of them into an event menu can add colour and vitality. Warm spices; ginger, cinnamon and pink peppercorn bring great flavours, or if you are looking for something a little sweeter then tropical fruits such as watermelon, mango and passion fruit are a great addition.

Food is not just about flavour, obviously it’s pretty crucial – that goes without saying, but it has also been said that we ‘Eat with our eyes’, so why not brighten up a food display with bright, vibrant colours to re-create that holiday mood? or some oranges and reds for an autumnal theme? Malt, liquorice and smoked salt add unusual flavours to dishes and can be a great way get guests talking, for the main course unusual fare such ricotta, buckwheat, saffron, cauliflower, seaweed and broths are trending right now.


Marquee venues open up your catering options
Marquees have become one of the most popular venues for weddings and parties alike – and with good reason.

Much like the menu, they are a blank canvas to be made your own. These days folks enjoy getting back to basics, but they also enjoy making a splash by creating an event to remember and a marquee ensures that they can do both. By choosing a marquee you’ll remove many of the restrictions imposed by permanent venues without compromising on style or quality, in-fact you’ll increase your ability to create a unique and individual ‘wow factor’ event.

For instance many permanent venues offer a limited choice of caterer and therefore menu, restricting the options and your ability to blow guests away with some creative catering.


And what is Britains most popular ‘Traditional’ fare?
Well, we create beautiful marquee venues not menus – but we do work with some fantastic catering companies so we always pick up on the latest fashions, trends and tips – and we always keep our ears to the ground…

OpenTable research has revealed that Britons consume a whooping 1,668 burgers over their lifetime, with the perfect burger being the simple cheeseburger; the ideal consisting of a 2.5cm thick Angus steak burger, topped with cheddar cheese and ketchup, all inside a white sesame seed bun.

Cheddar is the most popular topping with 58% choosing it as their first choice, followed by Monetary Jack, 17%, stilton 13% and blue cheese 10%. No wonder cheese is so important to the burger; Brits consume a huge 700,000 tonnes of dairy product every year!

Some food for thought at the very least…

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