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Changes to COVID-19 wedding rules

March 3, 2021

Changes to COVID-19 wedding rules are on their way. The UK government has recently announced changes to the rules surrounding weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With a seemingly successful vaccination programme well under way there is an air of optimism in the UK and the government has recently unveiled its roadmap for the easing of COVID related restrictions.

The roadmap details several stages of lockdown easing, each dependant upon the success of the previous stage.

A clear route back to ‘normality’

We’re certainly looking forward to the day that we can return to creating beautiful marquee wedding venues for large, elaborate, luxury weddings and celebrations; we know that many of you are too.

We also understand that safety is paramount. We’re thankful that the government has set out a clear roadmap back to a time where restrictions on social contact are removed altogether. The plan is to take a phased route back to ‘normality’ with numbers closely monitored and restrictions only lifted and movement to the next stage of the plan only allowed if it is deemed safe to do so.

What are the stages and when does each happen?

Bearing in mind that the dates laid down by the government will need to be flexible and will be dependant upon the results of close monitoring of infection numbers; the following dates have been give for a phased easing of lockdown restrictions:

  • From the 29th March onwards up to six people will be able to attend a wedding
  • From 12th April up to fifteen people will be able to attend a wedding ceremony and reception
  • 17th May, up to thirty people will be able to attend a wedding and reception
  • 21st June: The government hopes to remove ALL limitations on social contact, meaning that there would potentially be no restrictions on the number of guests allowed to attend wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Whilst there are still restrictions on guest numbers in place, it should be noted that these numbers also include the couple getting married.

Is a small, intimate wedding what you’ve always really wanted?

Small, intimate weddings and receptions for up to thirty attendees could potentially take place from 17th May. We think that this could be the perfect opportunity to plan the wedding of your dreams!

Many people feel a lot of pressure to throw huge and elaborate ceremonies and reception parties for a large number of guests. Deciding upon guest lists and who should or shouldn’t be invited can be extremely stressful and difficult. Costs can spiral and compromises made in order to accommodate guest numbers and needs.

The governments restrictions on guest numbers could be viewed as an opportunity. Your hands are tied… A limit of thirty attendees (including the happy couple) means that only the closest of family and friends will be able to attend.

Who doesn’t want to share their big day with just their nearest and dearest? No political invitations and an opportunity to spend your budget on the elements that could take your special day to the next level.

No doubt that a wedding day is a huge day for brides and grooms, but it’s a big day for Dad’s too; particularly those giving their daughters away. Why not give Dad a nod? Perhaps use some of that budget to create a special bar for him. Or if the wedding is taking place at home, why not use a marquee to compliment and allow Dad to show off the family home?

Small and intimate weddings could become the norm for some time to come. Whilst we love a big celebration, we also think that highly stylised, intimate, smaller weddings could be something really special too. We see smaller ceremonies being booked well beyond 21st June – the next stage in the lockdown easing roadmap.

June 21st – the big, big day

The biggest of the Changes to COVID-19 wedding rules could come into force on June 21st. Should every preceding step go according to plan then this is the day that we’ll see COVID-19 related social restrictions removed. Including for weddings and receptions.

We’ve already filled up much of our diary with luxury events such as weddings, parties and celebrations. But if you are hoping to take advantage of the changes to COVID-19 wedding rules then why not give us a call to see how we can help?

Visit our wedding galleries for inspiration, or download our wedding checklist and get planning!

Safe, physically distanced marquee spaces

Over the past year we’ve had to adapt. It has been a challenging time for the weddings and events industry, but it has meant that we have had to sharpen our pencils and learn some new skills too.

We’ve become experts at creating COVID-19 safe marquee spaces. We can create socially distanced spaces, traffic flow systems, multiple entry and exit points, extra ‘breakout’ or bar spaces and more.

Whilst restrictions may be being eased, it remains wise to take precautions of our own. We will work with you to create a marquee venue that is suitable for the needs of you and your guests. Call us to discuss the many ways in which we can help you and your guests feel safer at your wedding ceremony and reception.

Take advantage of the changes to COVID-19 wedding rules

Whether you are looking to hold a small, intimate wedding ceremony, or if you are holding out for something larger, why not give us a call? Our team would love to hear your plans and discuss the ways in which we could help. You can call us on 01372 459485 or email us

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