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COVID and Marquee hire

November 6, 2020

COVID and marquee hire. Over recent months we’ve dedicated a lot of our blog space to talking about COVID-19. In particular, the role that marquees could play in helping to improve day to day life, both in private and commercial settings.

We’ve discussed the effects of isolation on mental health. We’ve talked about the effects of social and physical distancing on retail and hospitality spaces and how marquees may be able to provide a solution. We discussed the role of marquees in creating social ‘safe spaces’ for care homes as well as private settings. We have also considered and offered solutions for educational establishments too.

We’ve even reinvented our site visit and quotation process to include virtual options; helping our clients to keep safe and secure, whilst still being able to plan their future events and celebrations.

COVID: An ever changing landscape

These are challenging times, and with an ever changing COVID landscape it is difficult to always know the best advice to offer. Below is a roundup of some of the top COVID and marquee hire related articles that we’ve produced over the course of the year.

Please enjoy the articles but remember that advice and guidance around COVID and marquee hire is changing on a regular basis. Any advice or suggestions offered in our articles were correct at the time of publication. To avoid any confusion, please contact us if you have any specific marquee hire requirements that you’d like to discuss; we’ll happily steer you through the process in accordance with the latest government guidelines.

COVID and marquee hire: worry free Christmas marquees

Christmas marquee hire COVID and marquee hireA COVID Christmas may not exactly be on our wish list – but it looks like we we’ll be getting one anyway!

At Inside Outside we are offering our clients the opportunity to book a marquee of any size or style, for dates during the Christmas and New year period, for a reduced and fully refundable deposit.

We’re also offering flexible event date rearrangement – in case government guidance around the COVID 19 pandemic affects the original booking. Have a read of the article to find out more.

Keeping the vulnerable connected during COVID-19

COVID-19 COVID and marquee hireWe may not be mental health experts, but it’s plain to see that prolonged periods of social isolation could prove challenging for many as the global COVID pandemic persists.

A marquee may not provide the solution for all, but for some it could just make all the difference. Whether you’d like to create a social safe space at home, or withing a residential care home setting, a carefully planned marquee could be the ideal option.

In this article we discuss isolation and mental health, the rule of six and potential marquee solutions for private and commercial settings.

Click here to find out more.

Restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees

Retail extension marquee, restaurant, bar and pub extension marqueesWe know exactly how hard COVID 19 is hitting business that operate within the events and hospitality arenas. As a result, we’ve been looing at a multitude of marquee-based solutions that could help events companies, such as ourselves and hospitality spaces such as bars, pubs and restaurants weather the storm.

Our extension marquees have been used to create additional dining and retail spaces in the past and they may be the perfect solution for those looking to create additional retail or entertaining space during these challenging times.

Discover more about our extension marquee solutions by clicking here.

COVID: Marquee based corporate event solutions

corporate evening event marquee COVID and marquee hireThe reality is, it’s going to be difficult to plan annual corporate events, parties and conferences this year and for the early part of 2021. With the global pandemic persisting, many of our plans have been cancelled, put on hold or rescheduled until further notice.

With this in mind, we wrote an article back in August, discussing the merits of talking to your events suppliers about making post pandemic bookings. Once there’s some clarity around a vaccine and a potential return to (a form of) normality, we’re expecting a surge in enquiries.

With many 2020 events now moving into the 2021 calendar, there’s likely to be a great deal of competition for the top suppliers and most popular dates…

Read the article and contact us to discuss your potential event. It costs nothing to find out what your options are and to have first option on key marquee hire dates for the coming year.

Temporary classroom marquees

temporary classroom marquees COVID and marquee hireSo far, schools are able to open during the second national lockdown in the UK. A huge relief to parents up and down the country, and long may it last! Temporary classroom marquees could still, however, have a role to play during the COVID crisis.

With classrooms full to bursting in some areas, it’s difficult for educational establishments to offer safe, socially distanced spaces for all students on a long term basis. Our temporary classroom marquees can be created as individual, standalone classroom spaces with separate entry and exit points, full heating, lighting and even internet connectivity.

Alternatively, we can create larger marquees with multiple, separate classrooms, multiple entry and exit points and even section off outdoor spaces too. Why not click here to read more?

Virtual site visits

virtual site visitsAs difficult as it is to plan for a specific event date at the moment, it’s important to ‘keep calm and carry on’ – as the T-shirts, mugs and towels seem to suggest.

To help with safe and effective event planning during the COVID pandemic, we have introduced a virtual site visit service. We use tools such as Google Earth, Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp etc. to allow us to conduct face to face consultations and site surveys virtually.

The service has proved a huge success so far and combined with our flexible approach to bookings and deposits during the pandemic, it could be the perfect solution if you’re keen to make sure that there’s something in the diary to look forward to – a light at the end of the tunnel if you like. Take a look at our article on virtual site visits, here. Or go directly to our virtual site visits webpage to find out more.

COVID and marquee hire: There’s more to discover

We could only offer a snapshot of a few of our solutions and articles here. Why not visit our blog pages, here. You’ll find that they contain a plethora of articles on COVID based marquee hire solutions, as well as some general interest and event panning stories too.

Alternatively, why not contact us and talk to a member of our teams to find out how we might be able to help with your marquee based enquiry? We’re always glad to help and offer advice, estimates and quotations.

Our quotes and site visits (virtual or otherwise) are always obligation free. Talk to us today by calling 01372 459485 or email to find out more.

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