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How Inside Outside is helping young people into a career

April 26, 2017

Corporate social responsibility is something that any company should weave into its way or working. At Inside Outside we believe in doing our bit, supporting local charities in various ways – we don’t tend to advertise it because we don’t expect pats on the back. But there is one thing we would like to shout about.

And that’s the fact that we outsource our social media activity. Wondering why that’s something to crow about or what that has to do with CSR? Well, we came across a digital marketing company that does things a little differently; we liked what they do, we decided to get involved.

Prem GyaniSocial Outsourcing is run by the entrepreneurial Prem Gyani. To describe him as entrepreneurial does him a disservice – he isn’t interested in lining his own pockets, he is firmly focused on doing his bit to fix society, to give people a chance to succeed in life. Despite being based in Weybridge, a relatively well-heeled part of Surrey, Prem has always been aware that disadvantage happens everywhere – even in Surrey.

He set up Social Outsourcing as a not-for-profit social enterprise to help young people who haven’t had much luck, be that in education, employment or society. The enterprise gives them the opportunity to train in digital marketing, giving them real skills that will help them get on the career ladder. But it’s not just a hypothetical exercise, everyone involved in the enterprise is working for real clients, providing a professional paid-for service.

What’s not to like?! We could pay a small fortune to one of the countless digital marketing companies out there, but there is something far more satisfying about working with the team at Social Outsourcing. We are helping to pay the wages of people who may never have worked before. Working with Inside Outside is giving them valuable experience that will give them confidence when pursuing future job opportunities. And ultimately, they’re rather good at what they do – their work makes a difference to Inside Outside and giving them our business makes a difference to their lives. It’s the very best quid pro quo going.

If you’re struggling to keep on top of Twitter, Facebook and all the other social media platforms, why not have a chat with Social Outsourcing. Take a look at for more information.

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