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June 22nd 2022: Find the perfect venue, secure the best suppliers and more…

May 19th 2022: Garden parties, Weddings & the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

April 20th 2022: Outdoor weddings, unique party marquees and 40th birthday celebration ideas

March 23rd 2022: A quick guide to party planning, stress-free marquee hire, and the importance of staff events

February 24th 2022: What is a luxury marquee? How to create a catering area and Long term marquee hire 

January 25th 2022: Perfect wedding venues, comparing quotes, sustainable events & Who are Inside Outside?

December 21st 2021: Merry Christmas!Celebrating milestones, are marquees waterproof, pop up shops and retail spaces

November 17th 2021: 5 Questions for your marquee supplier, inspiring images, house extensions & Christmas parties!

October 20th 2021: Christmas Parties, New Years Celebrations and 9 Great Reasons for choosing a Marquee…

September 22nd 2021: Are marquees part of the hospitality industry’s post pandemic recovery plan?

August 19th 2021: Our STRESS FREE guarantee, Will a marquee damage my lawn? & What is a marquee???

July 21st 2021: Should I postpone my post COVID wedding? Which marquee? Extra space, grief, bereavement & wakes

June 16th 2021: Planning a Post COVID Party, Extra Space and Tech in Marquees!

May 19th 2021: Top Tips For Hiring a Marquee, Honeymoon Escapes and a Stunning Split Level Wedding Marquee…

April 21st 2021: Read Our Wedding Planning Q&A, Fun Nights Out at Guildford Kitchen, Plus: We’re Hiring!

March 17th 2021: Changes to COVID wedding rules, looking after your physical & Mental Health During COVID & More!

February 18th 2021: Keeping Calm When Planning An Event, Virtual Site Visits and More…

January 26th 2021: Long Term Marquee Hire, Funeral Marquees, oh and a Happy New Year – a review of 2020!

December 17th 2020: New offices, Marquees on Tennis courts, COVID-19 predictions, case studies & more!

November 18th 2020: Long term marquee hire and marquee based solutions during COVID-19

October 21st 2020: COVID-19 Special: Extension marquees and solutions for business and pleasure

September 16th 2020: Intimate gatherings, marquee heating and corporate event solutions

August 19th 2020: Weddings, Parties and the Ultimate Marquee Hire Guide!

July 21st 2020: Pandemic wedding planning – wedding planning tips for exceptional times

June 17th 2020: COVID creativity: How marquees could help the education, retail & restaurant sectors get back on track

May 20th 2020: The future of events in a post lockdown world

May 5th 2020: COVID-19 Special: Virtual site visits, lockdown proof flexible bookings, and more…

April 22nd 2020: A bride’s view on winter weddings, COVID beating event tips and more…

April 9th 2020: COVID-19 special: Help feed our NHS heroes

 March 18th 2020: Getting Quotes, Dancefloor Hire, Luxury loos and Heating…

February 19th 2020: 40th Birthday party planning tips, Birthday Party Marquee Hire, Hiring a DJ and our latest reviews

January 22nd 2020: Wedding marquees, winning awards and warm winter venues…

December 18th 2019: Winter marquee tips, perfect Christmas parties, Marquees on tennis Courts & more…

November 26th 2019: Wedding Supplier of the year announcement – TWIA Awards

November 20th 2019: Create extra space this winter! Parties, winter weddings and more…

October 23rd 2019: Christmas Parties, Corporate event planning & How to hire a marquee…

September 24th 2019: Find your ideal venue and plan your perfect event… 

August 20th 2019: Tips for the perfect party… The versatile marquee, your ideal venue

July 23rd 2019: How to celebrate your special occasion, marquee spotlight and weather worries!

June 25th 2019: Gathering quotes, hiring bars and why you should hold a company event!

May 21st 2019: Quotes, guarantees, catering areas and award winning marquee hire

April 23rd 2019: Christmas Parties, Summer Garden Parties and Weddings…

March 26th 2019: From Wedding tips to seasonal marquees…

February 19th 2019: Award wining marquees, Honeymoon tips…

January 22nd 2019: Clear marquees, changes to wedding venue laws? Unusual marquee locations & more…

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