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Fashion Trends: What will your clients want next year?

November 5, 2015

Working in the events industry we see fashions and trends everyday, Wedding venuemany of our customers want us to create modern, fashionable spaces for their events and working with our partner organisations this is exactly what we do. Our clients often look for advice on dressing their marquees, usually giving us the bare bones of an idea, a theme perhaps, but generally it comes down to our vision and the creative thinking of the caterers, event planners and florists etc. that we are working with.

It’s not always easy, so we’ve looked at some of the upcoming trend predictions to get a flavour for what our clients might want to see in 2016-17.

80’s influences to fade next year?

Fashions for autumn/winter 2015 are showing strong black and white, military and punk influences and continue to be affected by the ongoing 1980’s style revival, however sources suggest that for 2016/17 the ’80’s will start to take a back seat as more 1970’s and ’90’s influences combine to generate some interesting looks for the new season.

With such strong ’70’s and ’90’s influences it’s predicted that we’ll see some strong, dark colours emerge through mid 2016 and across the winter into 2017, burgundy’s, deep greens and blacks for instance – which makes sense when you consider that early to mid ’90’s fashions leant heavily upon olives, browns, navy/greys and rusty orange colour palettes and who can forget the bold brown and orange colour combinations that were so prevalent in the 1970’s?

The way that patterns and colours combine will evolve
There have been some interesting examples of pattern mixing over the last couple of years, combining one main pattern with a minimised contrasting pattern for accent and it seems that this will continue but sources suggest that as the year progresses we’ll see a move towards more monochromatic designs that use a splash of accent colour to bring them to life.

In terms of fabrics… we’ve read that satin will be highly influential but that velvet will be popular too and should not be neglected.

Is shabby chic dead? (Yes, we have to ask!)
For years now forecasters have been predicting the death of shabby chic
and it’s no different for ’16-’17, looking at clothing the argument seems to be proving out as distressed items fade from high street clothing racks, but ‘in home’ fashion is a different animal – consumers no longer need to rely on high street stores to dictate the latest styles, upcycling is fun, fashionable and accessible to all, shabby chic allows consumers to explore, create and express individuality without breaking the bank – we think it’s here to stay (For a while yet at least!).

So what does it all mean?
We all know that fashions come around in cycles, adapted to give a contemporary fresh look and feel. Trend forecasters – broadly speaking – look at world events, both current and upcoming, and factor their influence into their fashion predictions, as we see it it’s as simple as that, every fashion era rolls around again eventually, factoring in the major political, sporting and even religious influences of the day we see them resurrected  but with fresh fashion flavours added to bring a contemporary twist… and don’t forget seasonal influences too, we’re always likely to see vibrant colours or colour flashes across spring or summer months and a related but more autumnal colour palette emerging for Autumn and winter.

So get thinking, those 2016 – ’17 wedding and party people will be leaning on you for advice and guidance, the above are our musings based on what we’ve read but what do you think? What will be the major fashion influences over the upcoming year and how can you work them into your designs, menu’s and plans?

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