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Fire up your Festive Fayre

December 1, 2015

Christmas is such an emotive time of year, whether your celebrations revolve around the religious festival or not it is a time for sharing, for bringing friends an family together in celebration and there is no doubt that food is the central theme.

…and what could be more emotive than food? The anticipation of that big Christmas lunch, the colours, flavours and smells that bring memories flooding back, those traditional family recipe’s passed down from generation to generation. We all have an opinion on Christmas pudding, traditional Christmas fruit cake and sprouts.

Sprouts, you either love ’em or hate ’em and many of us only ever eat them at Christmas and then only because it’s one of the big day’s traditions!

The controversial cabbage
Technically part of the cabbage family the Brussels Sprout is without doubt the most
controversial item to appear on our Christmas dinner plate. Seen as a traditional mainstay of the big meal, in the UK two thirds of our annual consumption of them occurs over the festive period.

The unpopular vegetable is becoming less so each year with unusual recipes making it a veggie staple, why not add double cream, chestnuts and nutmeg for a festive twist? Try your sprouts with Garlic and Bacon or buttered with Walnuts or almonds. Search the internet and you’ll find a plethora of suggestions to spruce up your sprouts!

Christmas deserts
We all know that feeling, still stuffed from Christmas lunch and the Christmas pud is wheeled out, half the diners baulk at the very sight, others smother it in Brandy butter or cream and fit to burst, slide down from the Christmas dining table in order to pass into a food induced coma on the sofa during the Queens speech…

So why not change it up a little?
Our friend Jen Middlehurst from Kalm Kitchen suggests a Luxury Patisserie Table, a great idea for either at home or a larger event.

Christmas cateringAs Jen explains:
Creating a selection of miniature desserts is a wonderful way for guests to feast and share after the main roast event. A beautiful selection of your favourite desserts in miniature is such fun, guests can move away from the dining table and take position back next to the Christmas tree for a more relaxed atmosphere, bring out board games and eggnog for the ultimate experience. 

 Especially for the festive season you could create miniature sherry trifles, rich chocolate pudding with gold leaf and bite size blackberry meringues with lemon curd and blackberry fool. Take the pudding further than the dinner table with miniature meringues for beautiful gifts, make in advance and fill on the day of giving in a nicely packaged box.’

Kalm Kitchen are one of our recommended suppliers, please take a look at their listing in our directory here: Kalm Kitchen

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