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Getting engaged at Christmas?

December 22, 2020

If you’re getting engaged this festive season then you’re far from alone!

Perhaps it’s because you’ve been cuddling up on the sofa all autumn and winter? Perhaps it’s the country walks you’ve been taking together on those cold, crisp winter days? That warm, fuzzy feeling that only Christmas can bring? Snuggling down in front of open fires? Cosy pub lunches? That super-hot and strangely irresistible Christmas jumper that you’ve been wearing recently?

Who knows exactly why, but Christmas and New Year’s eve are now well established as the most popular times of year to pop the question.

If you’re planning to propose (or hoping to be proposed to!) this Christmas or new year, then read on. We’ve got some free gifts, tips and advice lined up, just for you – Merry Christmas!

Just engaged? Wedding Checklist, getting engagedGetting engaged? Get planning!

Download our free wedding checklist here. Our checklist is the essential guide to planning your perfect wedding day. Starting from the moment he or she says ‘Yes!’, the guide takes you through the entire wedding planning process.

The guide features lots of inspiring images, and what’s more, it’s simple and fun tick list format means that you won’t miss a thing in the run up to your big day.

Set your budget

Getting engaged is thrilling, announcing your engagement to friends and family is exciting. Those fuzzy-feeling first few weeks of newly engaged bliss are… well, blissful.

Getting engaged, wedding budget calculatorAnd then the hard work starts! Planning a wedding can be great fun, especially if you have all the right tools from the get go. But it can be stressful too.

So, in addition to our wedding checklist (which we hope you’ve already downloaded), we’re giving you a free wedding budget planner too! Aren’t we kind?

Just click here to download the budget planner. Using a simple excel spreadsheet format, the budget planner allows you to input your overall wedding budget which it then breaks down into allocated spend percentages -based on established spend averages- for every element of your wedding.

It’s easy to use and really quite fun to play about with too. So what are you waiting for? Download the planner and get budgeting!

Travel Guide, honeymoon guide, getting engagedHow about a Honeymoon?

Our engagement gift to you and your beloved (no, not an all-expenses paid honeymoon) is our free honeymoon guide!

Our honeymoon guide was put together with the help of holiday, honeymoon and travel planning experts Not Just Travel. The guide has been carefully designed to provide both inspiration and useful advice to make sure that organising your honeymoon is a pleasure, not simply one more thing to tick off a very long to-do list. Download the guide here

Wedding marquees

It would be remiss of us not to mention wedding marquees. After all, we do them so well. A marquee really does make for a unique and very special wedding venue.

Wedding marqueesWe work closely with every client to design and build their very own, bespoke wedding venue. Because each marquee is tailored, not only to fit the bride and grooms’ vision, but to fit its location too, every wedding marquee is guaranteed to be different.

Our approach to marquee planning is consultative. That means that we listen very carefully to our clients and do everything in our power to create the dream marquee venue that they envisage. We guide and advise where appropriate, we offer budget based alternatives if relevant, but we never push or cajole our clients along a route that best suits us.

We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and we have an unrivalled reputation for excellence, backed up by our award winning wedding marquee hire service. We offer a ‘Stress-Free’ 10 point guarantee on all of our work too. Click here to find out more.

Getting engaged?

If you’re getting, have got or are hoping to get engaged this Christmas or new year, then why not speak to us about our award winning wedding marquee hire service?

We would love to talk to you about your plans. Our consultations, estimates, site visits and quotes are all obligation free, so what’s to lose? Call 01372 459485 or email to find out more.

Contact us button events suppliers

And seeing as we’re in the giving mood – one more free gift from  us to you!

Download your full copy of our comprehensive ‘Marquee Hire Guide’ here

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