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A Guide to winter marquee weddings

September 15, 2015

A winter event… in a marquee?! Using a marquee in the winter months does have its pros, and as you will be hosting an event, whether a wedding, Christmas party or corporate event, we understand how important it is to keep your guests warm, dry and happy!



As an additional item all year round, we have our own supply of heaters that will especially be needed in the winter months, between October to March. These are really effective at keeping the whole of the marquee warm, depending on the size of the marquee we can recommend how many heaters will be required.

A marquee winter event, especially a wedding, creates an extremely romantic, cosy atmosphere. With (hopefully!) crisp, frosty blue skies. The marquee sits very well in the grounds you choose, creating a picturesque scene. You can decide the size of the marquee to fit in any amount of guests, and with most people in the country during the winter months your event will packed full of your loved ones!

How beautiful does lighting look against the darker skies? The use of lighting can completely transform your venue; use colours that only the British winter can harmonise with, such as teal, cream, yellow, blue and grey. The focus will be on the interior, creating an atmosphere unlike any other. But don’t forget about the exterior, lighting can make an exquisite addition to your winter event; up-lighting tress and buildings, highlighting walkways with lanterns and making your marquee stand out – the pictures will be breathtaking. Use imaginative lighting with a variety of colours for interior linings and carpets, a marquee is a great opportunity to bring out your personality, and create a unique feel to your event.

Weather Conditions
We all know that the great British weather isn’t always dependable, but the one thing for sure in winter is that the weather is predictable; it won’t be perfect, and the benefit of that? Planning for a cold, wet, windy event. If that’s something you are worrying about then there is no need – with our marquees we ensure that the materials used will withstand up to 80mph winds, we also provide waterproof connections to existing buildings that enclose the catering, band, loo and cloakroom all within the marquee for ease of use.

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