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Keep dancing! The Inside Outside guide to dancefloors

September 20, 2017

It’s back – we’re talking sparkle, sequins, fake tans and big smiles, swivelling hips, high kicks, the cha cha cha. Yes, Saturday nights are about to see the return of one of the nation’s favourite TV shows as the professionals guide their celebrity partners around the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor.

DancefloorIt’s a rather neat reminder of just how central a dancefloor is to any marquee event – whether your event will see your guests throwing some nifty moves, a bit of dad dancing, throwbacks to John Travolta in his prime, romantic waltzing or the dreaded Birdie Song and the Macarena! Everyone loves to dance – whatever their style may be – and, unless you’re planning an event that involves only a sit-down meal, guests will doubtless expect music and space for dancing.

Naturally, flooring is important for a marquee event. The ground may be uneven or need protecting from heavy and concentrated footfall, and we will work with you to determine the best solution – whether that is a simple matting cover or a full boarded and carpeted floor. But when it comes to dancing, you’ll definitely need a dancefloor – if only to reduce the risk of twisted ankles or stiletto heels sinking into the grass!

What dancefloor will you choose?

DancefloorWe have a range of dancefloors available and they can be built to cover as much or as little space as you want to dedicate to the dance area. Whatever your special occasion, whatever the theme, we have a dancefloor to suit.

Wooden parquet – a traditional-style floor that works well if your event has been designed around a rustic theme.

Black and white chequerboard – a classic dancefloor that is fantastic for black-tie events and weddings. It creates a great sense of style and sophistication and everyone will feel just a little bit Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers when they’re dancing!

DancefloorLED starlit dancefloor – lighting isn’t just for the ceiling! The twinkling effect on these dancefloors adds an extra dimension to any event, from romantic wedding party to funky nightclub theme.

LED colour change and video dancefloor – just like you’ve seen on Strictly! Guaranteed to create an instant wow factor, these dancefloors utilise state-of-the-art technology for an incredible visual effect.


And more…
We also offer white dancefloors, black dancefloors, even mirrored dancefloors! And whatever you choose, moving lights and gobos (projected images) add extra impact and will help create a great atmosphere.

Needless to say, we have glitterballs as well!

Call us on 01372 459485 or email sales@inside-outside to find out more about our marquees, dancefloors and everything else we can provide for your party or event.

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