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Keeping the Vulnerable Connected During COVID-19

September 29, 2020

Without question, mental health and physical resilience go hand in hand. For society as a whole, taking care of our mental wellbeing could make all the difference when it comes to fighting a sustained battle against the COVID-19 virus.

So far, governments, institutions and individuals have focussed on the physical effects and defences relating to the coronavirus. However, winter is fast approaching, and with no viable vaccination in sight, COVID-19 remains a genuine threat. Autumn and winter bring colder, darker days and nights, and with them another significant challenge…

Maintaining mental wellbeing.

Even without the threat of COVID-19, the autumn and winter months bring significant mental health challenges for many; especially at Christmas time. Add pandemic related fear, isolation and the closure of social spaces that usually provide a vital lifeline – some of society’s most vulnerable members could find themselves more exposed than ever before to mental frailty during winter 2020.

Perhaps it’s time to shift some of our focus onto the ways in which we can protect the minds, as well as the bodies, of society’s most vulnerable members.

The rule of six

Introduced by the government, the rule of six is designed to minimise risk of infection by limiting close contact between multiple households. Far better for mental wellbeing than a total lockdown. However (at the time of writing) frequency of visits and the number of houses, establishments and social events that we attend are not controlled. Great news for personal liberty and for those that believe in taking personal responsibility seriously. However, it leaves us all somewhat exposed to the morals and ethics of society at large…

Not everybody, in particular those in high risk groups, are willing to take chances when it comes to COVID-19. Self-enforced isolation or social distancing measures will remain in place for many until the coronavirus is under control. Others live in settings that dictate the levels of social and physical contact available to them. Unfortunately, they are often those most susceptible to mental frailty.

Take a look at our recent blog about the ways in which we may be able to help one another with the many challenges thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help for those in care homes and other residential settings

We’ve recently been approached by both individual clients and institutions looking for solutions that will help them cope whilst the pandemic persists. Our marquees allow us to offer up a variety of solutions, each individually tailored to meet the bespoke needs of the user.

Dedicated, temporary social spaces for care homes

COVID-19One challenge faced by residential institutions such as care homes is how to manage the flow of residents and their guests. It means that regular visits by family and friends are limited, if not entirely impossible.

Why not use a standalone, temporary structure – such as a marquee – to create a dedicated social space? We can create marquees with multiple, separate entry and exit points. These can be glass doors or simple fold back marquee wall sections.

We can add heating, lighting, flooring, furniture and other infrastructure to allow for elements such as internet connection or television. We can even section off our marquees with temporary walls. This not only offers privacy for groups, but also offers social distancing space from others using the same structure.

Read a recent blog that we published to find out more about our flexible marquee solutions.

Small structures for socialising at home

COVID-19We are also able to create small structures that will allow groups of family and friends to socialise without the need to enter one another’s homes.

Lean to, or house extension marquees offer extra space – making socially distanced visits more viable. Or standalone marquee structures with separate entry and exit points allow safer socialising away from the main home.

We are able to provide everything needed for a temporary social space, from heating to lighting, flooring electrics, furniture and more.

Discuss your needs or tell us your ideas

We would love to hear from you. Whether you think that one of our temporary solutions would work for you, your place of work, loved ones or anyone else.

We would also love to hear from you if you have any ideas for ways in which we could use our marquees to help create socially distanced safe spaces.

Call 01372 459485 or email to discuss your requirements or to find out more. We offer free, no obligation estimates, site visits and quotations. We are also able to offer virtual site visits  – click here to find out more.

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