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Long term marquee hire

November 11, 2020

Our long term marquee hire service offers a wide variety of solutions that could help businesses, institutions and organisations find ways to operate as normally and effectively as possible during the COVID-19 era.

Long term marquee hire for Sports clubs

We have already supplied marquees to a EFL Championship football club on a long-term hire basis. Helping them to create COVID safe canteen and changing facilities for club staff and players. Our marquees featured lockable PVC and glass doors, thermostatically and timer-controlled heating systems, solid wood floors with carpets as well as separate entry and exit points.

Marquees can be used to create -or extend- spaces such as sports halls, changing rooms, equipment storage areas and dining facilities. Areas that could be challenged or compromised until a solution for the COVID-19 virus is found.

Long term marquee hire for schools and educational institutions

temporary classroom marquees COVID and marquee hire, long term marquee hireSocial and physical distancing could prove rather difficult for establishments such as schools and colleges. As students return to the classroom, providing the space required for keeping students safe will be challenging.

Our long term marquee hire options include separate, standalone classroom marquees as well as larger marquees that could be separated into multiple classrooms. These marquees can feature multiple separate entry and exit points and could even feature segregated outdoor spaces.

We are even able to supply IT networking solutions; extending existing networks for up to three thousand users. Alternatively, we can supply a standalone solution that operates using 4G or even 5G connectivity (where available). Read more about long term marquee hire for schools and colleges here.

Care homes: Long term marquee hire solutions

The elderly and vulnerable have been some of the hardest hit sections of our society when it comes to COVID-19. Isolation and loneliness are serious issues – especially during the colder winter months, and in the run up to Christmas.

Internal corridors, common rooms and communal spaces were not built to account for situations such as the coronavirus pandemic. Social visits are now difficult, if not impossible, considering the physical vulnerability of those involved. We need to physically safeguard the most vulnerable members of our society. However, we must account for mental vulnerabilities too. Being separated from our nearest and dearest can be just as damaging as the physical effects associated with COVID-19.

We are able to provide marquees that can extend useable spaces within care homes, or that can be used to create standalone ‘safe spaces’.  A marquee in the grounds of a care home could be used as a social safe space that could allow small family pods to visit elderly or vulnerable relatives in the care.

Solutions for restaurants, bars and pubs

Retail extension marquee, restaurant, bar and pub extension marquees, long term marquee hireLockdowns and physical distancing requirements have proved beyond challenging for hospitality establishments. Our long-term marquee hire solutions for restaurants, bars and pubs could allow such establishments to accommodate their usual number of guests or covers by creating the additional space needed to meet social and physical distancing requirements.

We are able to extend dining space, using an extension marquee that attaches directly to the building. Alternatively we can provide separate standalone marquees offering suitable space for safe, physically distanced dining, or we can even create separate dining pods within each marquee.

For pub gardens, we can offer our attractive ‘Chinese hat’ pagoda marquees to create individual dining/entertaining pods. An interesting and fun solution that could create an experience for guests, rather than simply meeting a legal requirement.

Marquees for all surfaces

Tennis court marquee, long term marquee hireDon’t worry if you don’t think that you have a suitable space for a marquee installation. We are specialists in finding solutions for most environments, including, small, difficult or awkward spaces.

We’ve built marquees on tennis courts, over lakes, swimming pools and ponds, as well as on sloping ground and across tiered terraces. We can work with almost any surface – including hard surfaces such as concrete or Tarmac.

By way of example, one of the two marquees that we supplied to an EFL Championship football club was built on a concrete path. We fitted drilled anchor points in the concrete surface, allowing secure installation.

Drilled anchor points not only mean secure fitting, safe for all weather conditions, but are reusable too. Meaning that a marquee can be installed, removed re-installed again a regular basis; with only a one off cost for the initial anchor point installation.

Fully serviced, complete, long term marquee hire solutions

All of our marquees can be provided with every element that is needed to create a temporary venue for long term hire.

We can include solid wooden floors with carpets, lighting, heating, linings, catering marquees, power points, toilets and even IT networking capability. We will regularly check and service your marquee as required, ensuring all is as it should be, even in the coldest months of the year.

Find out more

If you think that long term marquee hire may be a suitable solution for you during the COVID-19 pandemic; why not speak to us?

We offer free, no obligation advice, estimates, site visits and quotations. We can even conduct our site visits remotely, via our virtual site visit service.

Call 01372 459485 or email to find out more.

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