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Marquee Hire Guide: Your Free Download

July 15, 2022

Marquee Hire GuideWe’ve created the Marquee Hire Guide; our comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to know when hiring a marquee. You can download your free copy here.

Our guide is packed full of useful information on all aspects of marquee hire as we’ll as related third-party services. We’ve designed the guide to give you an understanding of the many exciting options and choices that you’ll be presented with as you plan your marquee event.

But don’t worry, hiring a marquee really isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. At Inside Outside we pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service. We focus on leading our clients on a journey, from the moment they first make contact with us, through to their event and beyond.

Marquee Hire Guide

We ensure that our customers understand everything that they need to know about hiring a marquee. Our free consultations and site visits are designed to allow us to understand as much about you and your event as possible. This means that we’ll be able to tailor our advice, guidance and our quotes specifically to your unique requirements.

So, what’s in the Marquee Hire Guide?

Good question, after all there are thirty one information packed pages to read through!

Marquee types

Marquee hire guideFrom frame tents to traditional canvas pole tents, stretch tents and pagoda marquees, we cover them all. We also explain some of the different ways in which each marquees type can be utilised, creating extension marquees and clear roof variations for example.

We explain the pros and cons of each marquee type. The types of events that each suit best, and where relevant, the most suitable marquee, or marquee variant, for the different times of year.

We also offer a guide on marquee sizing. The sizing guide will help you to understand exactly how big your marquee will need to be. Marquee size depends upon a variety of factors, from the number of guests you’ll be hosting to the type of event that you’ll be holding and the style of food you’ll be serving.

Marquee sites: Where should you put your marquee?

In our guide we offer a useful and practical breakdown of the many factors to be considered when choosing the site for your marquee.

Marquee BuildYou may well be surprised at the number of locations that Inside Outside are able to utilise for a marquee build! We specialise in building marquees for awkward or challenging spaces. But there are many other practical considerations to take into account as well.

How far will your guests need to walk to get to the marquee? Where does the sun set? What garden features do you want to include withing the marquee, or show off to your guests? Can your suppliers (caterers, entertainers, furniture delivery company – and marquee builders of course), easily access the site with their vehicles? Is the ground prone to flooding? And much more…

Lighting, heating, power and third-party suppliers

stretch tent summer party marquee hire guideHow big should your dancefloor be? Where should you situate your bar? Will you need heating? Is there a suitable power supply nearby, or will you need to hire a generator? Have you thought about the best place for your floral displays? The layout of your furniture? The style of the furniture?

These are just a few of the considerations that Inside Outside can guide you through when you speak to a member of the team. They’re discussed in detail within the marquee hire guide too.

The guide also covers the hire of luxury toilets. Interior styling choices, flooring options, catering areas, heating and fans. And, because we’re in the UK, wet weather contingency planning too!

Getting an estimate and a quotation for your marquee hire

Marquee hire quotesThe marquee hire guide estimate and quote section outlines key considerations to be made before picking up the phone. It details all steps in the process from initial enquiry through to site visit and final quotation.

From approximate guest numbers to the type of event you are planning on holding. The more information you can offer to marquee suppliers at this stage, the more accurate your estimate is likely to be. For example, a seated, formal dining event will require more marquee space than a standing, bowl food event. You’ll need a larger marquee to accommodate a dancefloor, bigger still if you add a stage for a band.

Interested in hiring a marquee?

Why not download the guide? Better still, why not contact us and speak to a member of our experienced team? We’ll guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

We offer free, no obligation consultations, site visits and quotations. We also offer virtual consultations where a face to face meeting or site visit is simply not possible – whatever the reason. Ideal during these rather challenging times and also if you are based overseas.

Speak to a member of our team on 01372 459485 or email

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Download your full copy of our comprehensive ‘Marquee Hire Guide’ here

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