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Wedding Marquees

The perfect venue for your wedding ceremony or reception

With over 40 years of experience in designing, organising and delivering superior wedding marquees, we can help you to create your perfect wedding venue. From frame tents to traditional pole tents, find out more about our AWARD WINNING Marquee Hire Service.

Wedding marquees frame tents traditional pole tents house extension marquee clear marqueeThe beauty of wedding marquees 

A wedding marquee offers options for shape, size, styling and creativity like no other venue. Whether you are interested in our cool and contemporary frame tents, traditional pole tents, house extension marquees or even completely clear marquees, we have the perfect solution for you. Our marquees can be designed to fit into your location and landscape; taking advantage of garden features such as lakes, pools and terraces and to fit as many guests and functions as needed.

Include seating and dining areas, a stage, a dance floor, a bar, sofas and coffee tables; plus an almost endless choice of dressing and lighting opportunities. Our marquees deliver a truly unique and memorable backdrop for your very special occasion.
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Our marquees are supplied with everything that you need to create your dream wedding venue. From furniture to bars, dancefloors, toilets, heating, lighting, flooring, electrical power, catering areas and more. 

Planning perfect wedding marquees

We always take a consultative approach when it comes to designing and planning marquees for our clients. Your wedding is your special day and the details and direction are up to you. Our planning team will listen carefully to your ideas and aspirations, offer advice and guidance and then create marquee plans and styling options especially for you. We offer a variety of fully tailor-able marque options, designed to create the perfect venue for your special day.

Whether you want a classic white wedding in one of our traditional pole tents, decorated with flowers and festoon lights; or one of our frame tents with a modern interior with a clear roof and dramatic lighting and planting; a warm welcoming vintage theme with bunting and period pieces; or a multi-roomed space with backlit bar and relaxation area, we can create your dream wedding marquee venue.

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Inside Outside Complete Service

We make planning wedding marquees effortless, leaving you free to concentrate on enjoying your big day with your guests. Our Complete Service offers a seamless end-to-end solution; from your marquee, flooring, linings, lighting, star cloth, tables, chairs, catering, flowers, DJ, music, heating, walkways, electricity generator and luxury loos, we will deliver a 5 star service that you can rely on. What’s more, we offer a ten point ‘stress free’ guarantee on every wedding marquee we create. All you have to do is approve the plan and we’ll manage the rest.
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Our Marquees

We offer a wide variety of different, fully tailorable marquee options. From frame tents to traditional pole tents, house extension marquees, pagodas and clear marquees. Why not talk to us to find out which type of wedding marquee would best suit you? You can also download a free copy of our comprehensive ‘Marquee Hire Guide’ here. Alternatively, click on the links below to read our guides to each of the different marquee types that we offer:

Frame Tents

Frame Tent Marquee frame tents wedding marquees

Frame tents are also known as ‘clearspan’ marquees. The term clearspan simply refers to the uninterrupted space within the marquee due to the fact that (unlike with traditional pole tents) there are no internal supporting poles within their structure. The term often leads to confusion relating to clear, see-through marquee roofs and walls – See the clear marquees section, below.

Frame tents are highly adaptable, perfect for creating a bespoke and highly unique marquee wedding venue. They have a modern, contemporary look and feel, can be used all year around and are available in a large variety of sizes and configurations.

Why choose a frame tent? They are very versatile. And with no internal support poles, they offer a completely uninterrupted space within. This means that there will be no obstructions to your guests line of sight during speeches, and no hindrance to bar, dance floor and table placements. Because they don’t require guys ropes, frame tents require less space than pole tents. And unlike traditional pole tents, they can also be used all year around. Click here to read more

Traditional Pole Tents

Unlined Traditional Pole Marquee traditional pole tents wedding marqueesTraditional pole tents are often referred to as ‘Trads’ or ‘Pole tents’. They are the archetypal country fayre marquee. They are full of character and provide the perfect setting for traditional, rustic, boho, shabby-chic weddings. Traditional pole tents are a less formal choice than their frame tent cousins. They offer a relaxed, country vibe.

We recommend that traditional pole marquees are only used between May and October. Because they are secured to the ground via guy ropes and held upright by tall central poles, they are not ideal for use in high winds. Combine this with wet, wintry ground conditions and you could have a recipe for disaster. Click the link above to read more about traditional pole marquees.

Why choose a traditional pole marquee? There isn’t a huge variation in cost between frame tents and traditional pole marquees. The choice between the two often comes down to personal taste. Traditional pole marquees are ideal if you are looking to create a very traditional, rustic style of wedding venue. The centralised support poles certainly offer plenty of character and lend themselves perfectly to floral decoration. They work well with coconut matting or no flooring at all – and can even be used with the side walls and roof space unlined, offering a small cost saving versus frame tent marquees.

We manufacture all of our pole tent marquees in house! They are of extremely high quality and made from breathable canvas material – meaning that they are less susceptible to humidity. Click here to find out more

House Extension Marquees

House extension Winter marquees house extension marquees We specialise in creating amazing house extension marquees. House extensions are created using a frame tent structure. They attach to buildings such as house or barns and use guttering to keep the rain out, creating a seamless flow from house to additional marquee space.

The house extension marquee could be the perfect choice if you are hosting your wedding reception at home but don’t have quite enough space for all of your guests inside the house. House extensions are often used to create additional dining, dancing and entertaining space.

House extension marquees are essentially frame tent marquees, adapted and built to provide a seamless extension from house to marquee. This means that they share all of the characteristics of the frame tent. As with frame tents, they can feature clear walls and roof sections, can be built onto solid, carpeted and even raised flooring. As with all of our marquees, house extension marquees can be supplied with full heating, lighting and electrical systems in place. To find out more, click here

Clear Marquees

2021 wedding marquee trends clear marqueesA frame tent can be turned into a partially, or even completely clear marquee. We use a combination of glass doors and PVC panels, combined with PVC gable ends (the triangular bit at the end of the marquee roof), to create this increasingly popular look. 

Clear marquees make for stunning venues and definitely offer the wow factor! We generally recommend partially clear marquees. Not only do they offer a varied look and feel, they also allow you to highlight specific areas external to the marquee with your clear paneled sections. Decorate the roof space with marquee sails or a stunning floral display and you will blow your guests away. Importantly,  partially clear marquees won’t leave your guests feeling as though they are trapped in a greenhouse – a highly important consideration, especially at the height of summer!

Both frame tents and house extension marquees can feature clear side and roof paneling as well as glass doors. Click on this link to find out more about clear marquees

Pagoda Marquees

Can i hire a marquee in winter pagoda marqueesPagoda, or Chinese hat marquees are a decorative marquee solution. They can be used in combination, or as stand alone structures. They are often used to create attractive entrances, reception spaces, chill out zones, bar areas or breakout spaces.

Chinese hat pagoda marquees combine perfectly with frame tent marquees. their elegant, peaked roof creating an attractive feature, the additional internal space that they provide, ideal for use as entrances, reception spaces, cloakrooms and chill out zones.

Click on this link to find out more

Interested in finding out more?

Whether you are interested in frame tents, traditional pole tents or any other marquee type, we will have the perfect solution for you. Our experienced team design and build a wide variety stunning wedding marquees every year – from the simple to the sublime!

We are able to tailor our marquees to fit any landscape, to highlight and even incorporate garden features. We can build over swimming pools, ponds and even lakes! Why not speak to us and find out how we can help you create your perfect marquee wedding venue. 01372 459485 or

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