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Marquees and events : A year in blogs!

December 22, 2021

2021 has been another challenging year for the marquees and events industries. But we’ve continued to post our weekly blogs; keeping people informed, offering ideas, guidance and updates on the latest trends. Looking back at 2021 we’ve realised how much our blog posts tell us about the shape of our year. So, we thought it would be interesting to select our favourite articles from each month, wrapping them up neatly in an end of year blog and delivering it to you just in time for Christmas.

January: Virtual site visits

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the events and hospitality industry. In order to survive, those working in events have had to adapt, find new ways of working and innovative ways to help clients meet their needs. In January of this year, we discussed how our ‘Virtual site visit’ service helps our clients stay safe, whilst still allowing them to plan for their marquee requirements. Click here to read the article.

Mental Well-being WHO Be Active CampaignFebruary: Physical & mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Perhaps unsurprisingly, COVID-19 continued to occupy our thoughts throughout February 2021.

Whilst we discussed lighter topics such as pandemic related changes to wedding rules, we also took a deeper look at some of the more serious ways in which COVID has affected our communities.

In our article ‘physical and mental well-being during COVID-19’ we looked at ways in which people could keep themselves and their loved ones safe during the pandemic. Find out more

March: Pandemic wedding planning & pop-up events

March brought yet more pandemic related news, as we chatted about pandemic wedding planning with wonderful marquee wedding planner Suzie Evans. It also saw us kick off our own, pandemic busting, series of outdoor events – Guildford Kitchen.

We teamed up with some wonderful suppliers from the world of event catering, bar supply and entertainment to produce a covered, COVID safe outdoor venue to help beat the pandemic blues. Take a look at what was on offer.

April: How about working for a marquee company?

Marquee BuildDespite the pandemic marquees and events enquiries continued to come in. We needed to make sure that we were ready for another busy summer.

Although we keep busy all year around, in springtime we start to think about recruiting new team members; in particular casual summer staff that will help us to deliver our busy schedule of events between May and the end of September.

Take a look at this article where we discuss the UK marquees and events industries and what it’s like to work for a premium luxury marquee company.

May: Post COVID plans

Ever the optimists, in May we started to talk about post COVID party planning and post COVID Honeymoons too! As restrictions began to lift, the world looked for a light at the end of what had seemed like a very long tunnel, and we offered our take on post pandemic solutions.

June: Postponing weddings?

Marquees and events weddingsIn June, as optimism around the COVID-19 vaccine programme grew, we asked whether it might still be a good idea to postpone wedding plans to a post, or less pandemic affected date.

There’s always so much to consider when planning a wedding. Throw in a global pandemic and the challenges increase exponentially.

We took a candid look at the options and considerations for planning or postponing a wedding in the COVID-19 era. Read more.

July: Temporary gyms, training facilities and more

Whilst we have always provided marquees for temporary buildings, demand for such facilities went through the roof in 2021!

We created temporary cafes, changing rooms, gyms, entertaining spaces, shops, demo suites, school facilities and more. As challenging as the pandemic has been, it has been amazing to see how our marquees can be put to use in a way that helps society continue to function on a day-to-day level – as well for luxury parties and events. Discover more about the ways our marquees have been used this year.

August: Marquees and rain, plus a stress-free guarantee

10 Point Guarantee marquees and eventsWe’re often asked about wet weather and marquee events. The long and short is that marquees are excellent venues throughout the year and in all different weather conditions; so long as the right preparations have been made and plans put in place.

We offer advice and guidance to help our clients get it right. We offer a 10 point stress-free guarantee too. Take a look here to discover more.

September: Time to talk Christmas

Great events don’t happen overnight. They take lots of planning, preparation and hard work! That’s why, even before it felt like summer had come to an end, we started talking about Christmas.

Apart form the time it takes to get the planning right, we know that all of the best event suppliers and event dates get booked early too. So, although it might seem weird to talk Christmas parties before Halloween and Bonfirenight plans are in place, we know how important it is to beat the crowds. See the article.

October: Extension marquees

Marquee HeatingExtension marquees fit directly to your home, office, event venue or outbuildings to create a seamless extension and some additional partying or entertaining space.

Winter and spring tend to be the busiest times of the year for enquiries about extension marquees. Perfect for those looking to create additional entertaining space for occasions such as Christmas, New years eve and Easter.

Find out more about extension marquees.

November: 5 Questions to ask your marquee supplier

Whilst we talked about pop up shops, storage marquees and retail spaces in the run up to Christmas, we also wanted to give our readers some non-Christmas based tips to help them ensure that they get the perfect marquee for their event.

‘5 Questions to ask your marquee supplier’ was written to help those planning marquee events to navigate their way through the minefield of vastly different quotes and estimates that they are likely to receive. Read the questions here

Top tips for perfect Christmas parties Christmas dinner: Marquee services at ChristmasDecember: Planning a sustainable event

Sustainability is one of the biggest trends in the events word today. Whilst people are still looking to hold corporate and private events, today’s consumer is more socially and environmentally aware and responsible than ever before.

There are lots of fantastic ways to incorporate sustainability into events and in this article we discuss a few of our favourite ideas for doing so.

Marquees and events, what does next year bring?

Despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19 over the last couple of years we have remained busy and have continued to talk to clients about their plans for luxury events and occasions. It seems that, in the wake of the global pandemic, celebrating and spending time with our closest friends and family has become more important than ever.

If you are planning an event in 2022 or beyond then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We have over 40 years of experience in luxury marquees and events. We’re happy to offer no obligation estimates, quotes and site visits and to discuss the best way to deliver your event. You can call 01372 459485 or email

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