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Marquees in awkward spaces – anything is possible with Inside Outside

February 28, 2017

In an ideal world every ground surface we work with would be bowling green flat. We’d be able to erect our marquees in world record time, there would be no complex health and safety issues to consider, we probably wouldn’t have to be quite so committed to ensuring that our construction teams are highly skilled.

Awkward marquee spaceReality, of course, is a very different thing. But that’s what makes our work so interesting and we’re yet to be defeated by any challenges we’ve faced when it comes to working in awkward spaces. Not everyone wants to hire a venue in order to host an event – weddings, birthdays and anniversaries often feel so much more special if they’re celebrated at home. Equally, not everyone has the space to accommodate lots of guests, which is when garden areas potentially come into their own. A marquee in the garden – even in winter (do please read about Christmas parties and winter weddings if you’re sceptical!) – is a perfect solution, even if the available space doesn’t immediately appear to be the perfect setting for a marquee.

At Inside Outside we’re experts in coming up with solutions
If yours is a sloping lawn, we know what to do. If the only suitable space involves a swimming pool, pond or lake, we can still work with it. We can build garden features such as flower beds, ponds and fountains into the marquee, we can even build multi-level marquees that allow terraced patio and garden spaces to be used – turning a potential problem into a spectacular feature. If you’re worried that a marquee on your tennis court will destroy the expensive surface, don’t be – we’ll make sure it’s protected. No matter what the issue, Inside Outside has the expertise to come up with solutions that work.

The initial site visit is, needless to say, crucial for assessing the area in which the marquee is to be sited. Attention to detail, accurate measuring, careful consideration of how the marquee will be secured – it’s all part of what we do to ensure that your event is a rave success. Short cuts and compromise are not an option. If we are to put up a marquee in which hundreds of guests will spend hours eating and dancing, we have to be absolutely sure that we’ve done everything right, that the floor is level, solid and will withstand weight, and that the marquee is totally secure. It’s for reasons such as this that we often need several days for installation.

And the result?
Take a look at our timelapse footage of a marquee over a sloping lawn:

The use of a scaffolding structure to create a level area meant that we could create the space our clients needed for their wedding.

And would you ever guess that beneath this amazing birthday party marquee was a sloping garden, patio and swimming pool?!

More video of our spectacular marquee build can be found on our You tube channel 

If you’re planning a party or special occasion and can’t imagine how a marquee will fit in your outside space, why not give Inside Outside a call on 01372 or email We’re pretty confident that we’ll find a way to make it happen!

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