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Milestone Parties & Celebrations are back! How to plan post-pandemic events

February 16, 2022

Celebrations for milestone parties and occasions have become more important to us than ever following the events of the last couple of years. It’s been tough. Finding ourselves separated from family, friends and loved ones has been really challenging.

Thankfully, we’ve recently seen pandemic related restrictions loosened. And despite the fact that some limits and social distancing requirements remain in place for certain settings and scenarios, we’re getting there.

And as we do so we’re realising just how important our social and familial connections are. We’re remembering how important it is to socialise and we’re excited and looking forward to getting together with our closest friends and family to celebrate milestone occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and births – both upcoming as well as those that have had to be postponed over the last couple of years.

So, how do you go about planning milestone parties and celebrations in the early post pandemic days?

It’s early days. Makes sure everyone feels welcome and safe

Whilst most of us are keen to ‘get back out there’, some people are a little more wary. After all, two years of restrictions and distancing are bound to have taken a psychological toll. It’s understandable that not everyone can see themselves attending busy social events just yet.

Milestone parties and celebrationsAllaying the concerns of your guests could be a great way to get things back on track. Whilst the core of your event can be as ‘normal’ and ‘pre-pandemic’ as possible, there are certainly steps that you can take to ensure that your more cautious invitees feel safe enough to come along.

Create enough space in your venue. Don’t cram tables in, and make sure that you leave a little extra space between guests seated at tables. Leave bottles of hand sanitiser on each table, a few placed centrally, or one at each guest’s place setting perhaps.

Make sure that there are multiple, separate entry and exit points at your venue. If you feel it is necessary, create a traffic flow system, or at least make sure the venue layout is created in such a way as to avoid bottlenecks or crowding.

Marquees are ideal venues for milestone parties and celebrations. Marquees are fully tailorable and can be designed to be bespoke to any situation. Layouts, entry and exit points, multiple bars and chill out spaces can easily be incorporated into the design to create a comfortable space for you and your guests.

Marquees are also great for ensuring that the party space is kept well ventilated. Side walls and windows can easily be opened or closed as required.

Host a Garden Party

Garden Party milestone partiesSocialising outdoors is a great way to get people together in an environment that feels safe and comfortable. Of course, the Great British weather often has a thing or two to say about outdoor events – even in the summer months.

Consider using a marquee to create a focal point. Marquees can be left open on all sides and are perfect for creating a focal point at a garden party. They provide shelter from the sun, and sometimes the rain! They can house dining tables and chairs, a bar, some soft seating and maybe even a DJ and dancefloor.

If it’s a beautiful day your guests can spend plenty of time outdoors, but it’s always great to have a central focal point around which they can gather. In the evening, as the warmth of the day ebbs away, the marquee can be the main hub of the party and side walls can be drawn closed and those that wish to stay can party on in the safe warm environment provided.

Plan early: Demand is already high

Milestone partiesWe’d strongly advise those considering holding milestone parties or celebrations this year to start making enquiries as soon as possible. As confidence grows and restrictions are drawn back, the top suppliers for marquees, venues, catering services, bars and entertainment will get booked up pretty quickly.

We’re already seeing lots of enquiries and some of the most popular dates of the year are already fully booked. It’s the same for many of the other supplier that we regularly work with.

People are excited about 2022 and are looking forward to catching up on lost time with family and friends. Milestone parties are a great way to get everyone together and make a real post pandemic statement too.

Whatever occasion you want to celebrate, start making your enquiries as soon as you can to avoid being disappointed.

Combining milestone parties and celebrationsMilestone parties : Shared celebrations

With so much lost time and so many missed parties and celebrations over the last couple of years, some people are looking to combine forces to create an all singing, all dancing super event!

It’s certainly worth considering! Sharing costs could mean extra budget for all the trimmings and celebrating a special occasion with a friend or family member would be a lot of fun too!

Milestone parties or celebrations on the horizon?

If you’re considering a marquee for your milestone parties then why not talk to us? We’ll provide a free, no obligation estimate or quote over the telephone. We have a huge amount of experience (over 40 years!) in delivering bespoke, tailored marquee venues for all kinds of milestone, parties , celebrations and occasions. Call 01372 459485 or email to find out more.

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