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Not all marquees are created equal!

July 3, 2018

There are lots of marquee companies out there, each providing a different level of product and service with a ticket price to match. For the inexperienced marquee hirer it can be a bit of a minefield, you may believe you’ve got a bargain until your marquee supplier turns up with a pop up gazebo on his roof rack and his best mate to help him put it up…

Anyone can buy a ‘Marquee’, set up a website and start trading as a marquee supplier, there are all sorts out there – the good, bad and ugly as the expression goes – so how do you know when you’ve found the right one for you?

Bad marquee example

Would you want this ‘Marquee’ for your event? We doubt it…

Price is usually a good indicator
Professional marquee structures are expensive to buy and maintain and they require a lot of man power and experience in order to build them properly.

If you are hiring a marquee for 100+ guests then you should expect your marquee to arrive on a lorry (maybe two) with between 4-8 men who will be required on site over a couple of days. The structure itself can be built relatively quickly but the it’s the finishing that takes the most time – and makes all the difference. Don’t forget, there’ll be a days labour time for a team to remove the marquee after your event too.

If your quotation seems too good to be true then it probably is; labour and transport costs will need to be covered before hire costs even enter the equation.

Chinese hat marquees

A professionally built marquee makes all the difference.

Have the right mindset when getting quotes
Most people approach marquee hire with the same mindset they might apply to buying an insurance policy; gather quotes and go for the best price.

This is a risky approach to take – it assumes that all marquees are created equal… but they certainly are not!

There are lots of companies offering ‘marquee hire’ but the simple fact is that they are not all offering the same level of product or service and many companies often leave ‘add-on’ elements out of their initial quotations in order to keep the numbers competitive.

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The ‘Lamborghini’ of the marquee world?

Try thinking about it this way…
If you were buying a car you’d know that there’s a difference between a Lada and a Lamborghini and you’d expect and understand the difference in their price tags.

After all, if you walked into a car showroom you wouldn’t be shocked at the cost of a premium level, luxury brand vehicle with all of the bells and whistles versus a cheap and basic jalopy; you’d appreciate that there are differences in the quality of materials used, the levels of workmanship and the levels of customer service offered.

And if the car buying analogy doesn’t work for you, try this one:

Bad marquees example

….NOT the Lamborghini of the marquee world.

Whilst we recognise that there’s a place for the cheaper German supermarket brands that now seem ubiquitous in our towns and cities, we sometimes want the experience, reassurance and quality guarantees that come with a visit to Waitrose.

The same is absolutely true in the world of marquees.

Hire the level of marquee that suits your needs, if you just need sun shelter then hire a sun shelter, but if you’re creating a special event you should take the time to make sure you’re getting the quality of structure that you are hoping for.

This marquee ‘rescue’ case study is a great example.ย 

So, is marquee hire expensive?
Expensive is a relative term. Hiring a luxury marquee is certainly not the ‘cheap option’ but it offers you the opportunity to create something unique and personal to you. Perhaps the question to ask is whether, in general, you consider premium products to be expensive or whether you are happy to pay more for high quality products, better customer service and a great overall experience?

None of this means that you’ll need to remortgage your home in order to afford to hire a lovely marquee – we can create beautiful marquees to suit most tastes and budgets. We take a consultative approach and while we won’t tell you what you should have, we will offer useful guidance and advice.

Once we understand your budget and the vision for your perfect marquee we’ll help you hone and shape your plans to ensure that the dream marquee and ideal budget become one and the same.

Even our ballpark estimates take into consideration everything that you’ll need according to our initial conversations with you. Once we put your quotation together you’ll find everything that you’ve asked for included and fully itemised for your scrutiny – you’ll find that some companies leave certain elements out when quoting so make sure that you carefully compare any quotes and estimates that you gather in order to make sure that you’re comparing like for like.

For further hints and tips you might be interested in reading our blog “How do I hire a marquee?”

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