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Planning a Post COVID Party

May 12, 2021

Post COVID party planning: The success of the UK’s COVID-19 vaccination programme means that we’re able to start planning luxury parties and events again! We can’t wait and we’re sure you can’t wait either!

Read our top tips for planning your post COVID party and don’t forget to download your FREE copy of our ultimate party guide too!

Post COVID party planning: Beware of supply and demand issues

Start planning early and talk to suppliers now. Whilst we’re all extremely excited to be planning parties again, we’re expecting pent up demand to create a few supply and demand issues.

Event SuppliersMany events were postponed from 2020 into 2021, and many of those have had to be pushed back again. This means that those planning parties for late 2021 and even 2022 are going to face some pretty stiff competition for the best suppliers. That means marquee providers, caterers, bar suppliers, entertainers, party planners, photographers and more…

Those that aren’t already committed to bookings for your preferred dates are likely to be snapped up pretty quickly as public confidence in attending live events grows.

Our advice? Don’t hang around. Start researching and get in touch with your preferred suppliers as soon as possible. Even if your event date seems a long way off you can’t afford to be complacent. Even iIn normal times top suppliers are often booked up for key dates over a year in advance!

Ensure your guests feel safe

We’ve been told to wear masks in public and to be ‘socially distanced’ for well over a year now. Remember how strange it felt going out in public wearing a mask at the start of the pandemic?

Post COVID Party: Marquee BlogsIt’s funny how quickly we become used to something. Once an idea is embedded in our psyche it can be difficult to override. It’s also quite natural for people to take a little time to adjust to big changes. Going out to large gatherings where there aren’t COVID based precautions in place might feel like too much too soon for some of your prospective guests.

Whether you feel completely safe or not, it’s important to respect your guest’s feelings. We have all had very different experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and it will take longer for some of us to recover from the psychological effects than it will others.

Try to create a party space that feels spacious. Don’t crowd your guests onto tables and try to create a little extra space between the tables if you can. Have more than one bar or offer table service to avoid crowds. If you are holding your party in a marquee then it will be easy to create multiple separate entrance and exit points; people will feel safer if they aren’t crowded on the way in or out. And why not put small bottles of hand gel in your guest’s goody bags, or at each guests place setting for seated dining events?

Post COVID Party: download the guide

Invitations: Talk about COVID

If you are planning a post COVID party, then it’s probably a good idea to address the elephant in the room in your invitations. People are likely to feel better knowing that you have considered things carefully and that you have made some post pandemic concessions too.

Your invitations can still be fun and upbeat – it’s a party after all! If you want a full compliment of guests then don’t overlook the importance of addressing the pandemic; guaranteed it will still be one of the first things that people think of when they see the invitation.

It’s probably a great idea to include an RSVP mechanism too. Whether you ask guests to confirm attendance via email, in writing, phone call, text or even by using a free online tool such as *Eventbrite to manage your guest list, RSVPs are probably more important for post COVID party planning than they have ever been before.

*Eventbrite is easy to use and free, so long as you aren’t selling tickets to your party!

Party in a marquee

Ok, we’re bound to say that! But the truth is, a marquee is an extremely flexible venue. It can be tailored to your exact requirements. Side walls and windows can be opened up to create extra airflow, entrance and exit points. Zones can be created and sectioned off to give guests the space that they might feel they need during the early post pandemic months. Dedicated entry and exit points can be added and traffic flow systems carefully considered and integrated into the marquee design.

Plus, with a marquee venue you’ll know – and be able to control – exactly who has been in and out of your space. In other hired venues there will have been hundreds, possibly thousands of people passing through in the days before you hold your event.

Party planner planning a partyDownload our FREE party guide

We work with many of the industry’s top suppliers. From caterers to cocktail makers, magicians to musical acts, we know the best in the business. We’ve put together a guide to planning the ultimate party – gathering top tips from our industry friends and colleagues for you to enjoy. Why not download the guide and start planning today?

Planning a post COVID party or event? Contact us

Whatever your event, we’re here to help. We’ve been helping people and organisations plan marquee based occasions for over 40 years. Over the last 14 months or so, we’ve developed COVID safe working practices –including Virtual Site Visits – and have devised a variety of pandemic based marquee solutions too.

Discuss your event with us and take advantage of our knowledge, experience, free estimates and quotations. We’d love to help you create the perfect post COVID party! Call 01372 459485 or email us

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