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Post COVID-19 events: Predictions and advice

November 25, 2020

Post COVID-19 events are going to be popular in 2021. Marquees are going to be in great demand next year. The events industry has been in enforced hiatus throughout most of 2020. COVID-19 has meant that it hasn’t been possible for people to hold parties, large gatherings or wedding receptions. Company events, conferences, exhibitions and AGMs have been put on hold.

Post lockdown party ideas post COVID-19 eventsThere’s a huge amount of pent up demand and with many events previously booked for 2020 rescheduled to the 2021 calendar, there are fewer booking slots available with events suppliers, including marquee hire companies.

Compounding the problem is the unfortunate fact that a number of event suppliers have been unable to successfully navigate the COVID-19 landscape. This means that there’s likely to be greater demand, less suppliers and less availability, in particular for the year’s most popular event dates.

If you are hoping to book an event for 2021, give yourself the best possible chance to avoid disappointment by following the advice below:

Book early

It sounds obvious, but book early and beat the rush. This applies, not only to your venue – brick built or marquee – but to your other suppliers too. At this stage, just making an initial enquiry can help you keep in touch with what is going on.

Get initial estimates or quotes

Once you’ve been in touch and have received an initial estimate or a formal quotation, most suppliers will be happy to either offer you a provisional reservation or will keep you informed about the availability of your preferred dates.

Make sure all your suppliers are booked

Just booking the venue won’t be enough. Post COVID-19 events suppliers are expecting to be in high demand. You’ll need to reserve your caterers, entertainers, bar suppliers, event organisers, florists, photographers and any other specialist event professionals that you need. The best suppliers are always in high demand – even in a normal event year!

Let your venue/marquee supplier help you

wedding checklistWhen it comes to booking suppliers, services and equipment, you’d be well advised to let your venue supplier help you out. At Inside Outside marquee hire, we work with many of the events industry’s best suppliers. We have great relationships, and we know how each different supplier works.

We’re able to match our customers personality and needs to the best supplier for them. We can either recommend suppliers, make introductions, or even make bookings with them on our customers behalf. Plus, we always have our ear to the ground, so we’ll know which suppliers are getting booked up fast. We’ll make sure that our customers get first dibs. And if your first choice gets booked up, we’ll be able to source another great supplier to fill their shoes.

Get your invitations and RSVPs out as soon as possible

There’s a good chance that people will be busy catching up with friends, relatives or attending exhibitions and other work/industry-based events next year. Once the lockdown leash is off people will be keen to catch up on lost time.

Don’t delay. Make sure yours is one of the first invitations to hit their doormat. There’s a very good chance that people will be truly excited at the prospect of a social event. Uptake could be even greater than usual – but only if you make sure that your invitation is one of the first out of the blocks.

Post COVID-19 eventsMarquees are likely to be in great demand

In the early stages of post COVID-19 Britain, people are likely to be very wary about mingling in large groups or hosting people in their homes. We’ve spent the best part of a year conditioning ourselves to avoid contact with people outside of our family pods or immediate social group.

But humans are social animals and as such will be excited and ready to socialise as soon as they can. Marquees have always been a great venue choice, but in the post COVID-19 age, we expect demand to sky-rocket.

Why will marquees be popular for post COVID-19 events?

Having a marquee venue means that you no longer need to host large groups of people in your home. Marquee side walls can also be opened up, creating additional airflow – sweeping out the old stale air and letting fresh clean air in.

Garden parties could be even more popular in 2021

Post COVID-19 eventsGarden parties are always popular in the summertime. But in 2021, there’s a very good chance that they’ll be more popular than ever before as people look to socialise as they acclimatise to the post COVID/lockdown era.

A small marquee, or a decorative pagoda marquee, can provide a beautiful backdrop to a garden event. Extension marquees are a wonderful and highly popular ‘halfway-house’ solution. Connecting to the house, they extend the useable space at home and provide a natural flow to the garden too.

Find out more and get an initial estimate

It doesn’t cost anything to make an enquiry. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to chat through your post COVID-19 lockdown marquee hire options. We’ll be able to tell you which dates we have available and once we know the date or dates your interested in, we’ll be able to keep you informed so that you don’t miss out!

Call 01372 459485 for a free, no obligation estimate, site visit or COVID safe virtual site visit and quotation. Alternatively, email for more information.

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