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Post COVID Honeymoon planning

May 5, 2021

Are you planning a post COVID honeymoon? There are many reasons why we can’t wait to put COVID-19 behind us. We’re looking forward to being able to socialise freely, shop masque free, dine inside restaurants with lots of friends and family, and we can’t wait to take an overseas holiday!

Spare a thought for those that were planning to get married when the global pandemic struck. Wedding dates cancelled or pushed back, guest numbers slashed, venues now closed or oversubscribed for post COVID dates… It’s a bit of a nightmare to say the least! And what about the all-important honeymoon?

Finally, there’s a chink of light at the end of what has seemed a very long tunnel. COVID restrictions are cautiously being lifted, restaurants are opening, shops too. It should soon be possible for weddings – with more than just a handful of guests – to take place.

How about a post COVID honeymoon?

Planning a Honeymoon, post covid honeymoonRestrictions may be lifting, but overseas travel is a different kettle of fish unfortunately. World governments are looking at solutions such as vaccination passports, but with the COVID situation looking very different nation to nation, who knows when we’ll truly be able to travel freely again?

A post COVID honeymoon? Yes, but options may be limited for a while. Many people may opt for a UK based honeymoon, channeling their funds into a luxury break at a home-grown spa resort or hotel instead of venturing abroad.

But for those of us still dreaming of an overseas break the wait may be a little longer. But we can still dream. We can still plan and we can still get excited and inspired. So, with that in mind…

Why not download and enjoy our guide to planning your perfect honeymoon?

Travel Guide, honeymoon guide, getting engaged, post covid honeymoonOur guide was written is those heady pre COVID days; don’t those seem a distant memory? But it’s a fantastically inspiring little guide, packed full of pretty images and containing top tips and ideas from holiday, honeymoon and travel expert Sue Carne, of Not Just Travel.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the entire honeymoon planning process. From initial considerations to budgeting. It covers the types of breaks available – do you want a beach holiday, an adventure or a city break perhaps?  A mix of everything maybe?

Where in the world should you go? The guide has an entire section dedicated to this subject! A brief breakdown of some of the most popular honeymoon destinations of recent times. And what about all of the boring bits? Travel insurance, flight bookings, connections, hotel transfers, currency exchange, luggage allowances and so on…

Don’t worry, the guide covers all of those, and explains how Not Just Travel can help take the pain – and stress – out of them too.

Are you planning on getting married?

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