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Social ‘safe spaces’ for care home settings

June 18, 2020

Care homes house some of society’s most vulnerable members. Vulnerable not just to infection from the deadly COVID-19 virus, but also to mental health issues; especially at times such as these, when they are unable to enjoy the regular visits and support from friends and family that they are used to.

We were recently approached with an enquiry by the manager of a care home. Concerned for the mental wellbeing of some (if not all) of her care home residents, she approached us to enquire about the long-term hire of a marquee. The idea being that a marquee (installed in the care home’s grounds) could provide a social ‘safe space’ where families could reunite with elderly relatives, away from the homes’ strictly quarantined corridors, communal spaces and rooms.

The challenging balance between physical & mental wellbeing

So long as the COVID-19 virus persists, there will always be an infection risk associated with any form of close contact with people who are not direct members of a household. But for those left feeling lonely, vulnerable and exposed by the lack of regular contact with loved ones, secondary, mental health challenges are a viable threat too.

social safe spacesWe have recently been involved in Surrey Drive, an initiative designed and delivered by local events industry specialists. Surrey Drive looked after our fantastic NHS key workers; ensuring that they were well fed before, during and after their challenging shifts on COVID crowded hospital wards.

Whilst the food itself was nutritious and extremely well made, it was only part of the story; in reality, just as with the ‘clap for carers’ initiative, it was the gesture that was most important. Showing our NHS heroes that we truly appreciated their hard work, efforts and sacrifice helped to boost their morale and psychological resilience.

Mental wellbeing has long been related to physical resilience. Therefore, taking care to protect of the minds of society’s most vulnerable could potentially make a difference to their physical health too. Crucial in challenging times such as these.

Social ‘Safe spaces’: Is there a way we can help?

We are a marquee hire company, not medical health experts, but in our opinion, it seems that striking a balance between physical and mental safeguarding is crucial.

social safe spacesThat said, buildings such as care homes were not designed with a crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic in mind. Square footage is usually at a premium and narrow corridors and busy common rooms are not ideal spaces for entertaining visitors from the outside world.

Carefully curated, hygienically managed social ‘safe spaces’ are one possible solution. Rooms that are, ideally accessible via external doors, that can be dedicated for the specific purpose of allowing friends and family to visit elderly relatives, enjoy a chat, a cup of tea and a biscuit or two…

However, finding a space that is suitable and not already in use is a challenge in itself. The enquiry that we took from the care home manager drove home the importance of such spaces. As a result we started to look at what we could offer that might be of help.

Ultimately, it comes down to budget, as well as the suitability and availability of space at each individual care home. We do offer a wide variety of marquee solutions and have vast experience in creating structures for use in small, awkward and challenging spaces. If any marquee supplier can find a suitable solution, it’s Inside Outside!

Flexible marquee solutions for physically distanced safe spaces

We offer a wide variety of adaptable, modular marquee solutions. Please take a look at the brief descriptions below to see if any might suit your requirements. However, please feel free to contact us if you’d like more information.

Extension marquees: Built out from existing buildings, across doorways to offer extended internal space. As with all of our marquees, extension marquees can be built with external entry and exit points for maximum safety.

Stand alone marquees: Built away from the main building. A stand alone, or series of stand-alone marquees can be built to offer safe social spaces, where residents can meet up with loved ones.

Stand alone marquees can be small or large. They can be provide single ‘safe spaces’ or a larger marquee could be sectioned off to provide several, individual, isolated safe spaces; each with it’s own entry and exit points.

Pagoda marquees: Small, decorative 5m by 5m structures. The ideal size for smaller garden spaces. Pagodas provide enough space for a physically distanced visit whilst being elegant and attractive to look at too!

An all in one, flexible marquee solution, built to specification

All of our marquees are built to specification, ensuring that they are tailored to specific requirements, space and purpose. We can install electrical power, lighting and heating, and if required, IT networks for each structure.

We are also able to source furniture, provide flooring and even covered walkways to and from the marquees. Our marquees are very adaptable, side walls can be opened up or closed depending upon weather conditions. Our thermostatically controlled heaters can even be switched to fan mode, if a cooling breeze is required.

Would you like to find out more?

Speak to a member of our team for more information on ways we may be able to help you. We understand marquees may not be the perfect solution in every setting, but if we can help, we will.

Our advice and quotations are free. We would love to find out if we have a solution that might be ideal for you. Call 01372 459485 or email

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