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Stay one step ahead of Coronavirus: Autumn and winter events

March 17, 2020

You’ve probably had enough of Coronavirus, COVID-19, by now. Understandable; it’s in our newspapers, on our TV’s and radios and is a near constant topic of conversation with our friends, colleagues and loved ones. It’s affecting everyday life for each and every one of us in different ways.

Rest assured that, at Inside Outside, we’re taking Coronavirus very seriously indeed. We’re following Government and NHS advice to ensure best and safest practice at all times. Our staff are well informed, taking steps to protect themselves while monitoring for signs of potential symptoms too. We’re also working closely with our clients to either deliver or rearrange events that have already been booked for the coming months.

So, what now?

Perhaps it’s best to just accept that Coronavirus is here, and it may not be going anywhere for a while. We can’t say that it’s business as usual – these are unusual times. But we’re doing all that we can in order to keep calm and carry on. So in that vane, and with half an eye on Coronavirus, we thought we ‘d talk to you about Autumn and winter events.

Autumn & Winter events: Key considerations

We’re all hopeful that by the time we hit Autumn we’ll be looking at Coronavirus in the rear-view mirror. Many people are either choosing, or being forced, to postpone their event activities, weddings or corporate parties until later in the year; we’re expecting a busy autumn and winter as a result.

The knock-on effect being that many event industry suppliers are likely to be booked up much earlier than usual for this period. There will be much greater demand for these services and, unusually for autumn & winter, far greater competition for the services of the most sought after suppliers.

If you’re considering an autumn or winter event, our advice would be to start making enquiries now.

You’ll not only be in competition with those who usually plan winter or autumn events; but those who have had to postpone their pre-arranged summer events too.

The events industry: a resilient world of careful planners and risk mitigators

As an industry, assessing and mitigating risk is what we do. These are, without question, difficult and unusual times, the challenges we face are unprecedented.

But as events industry suppliers we are used to tackling challenges head on. The events industry is all about problem solving, flexibility and finding solutions. As an industry, we are better placed than many to deal with the challenges that Coronavirus brings.

As a marquee company, Inside Outside face environmental challenges every day. From unexpectedly wet summers to heatwaves, snowfall, high winds and more. We always find solutions and we always cope. Being in business for over 40 years is testament to that fact.

Planning and event but not sure what to do?

Call our offices and speak to our team. We’ll be more than happy to offer advice and guidance. We can help you to better understand the landscape of the events world as it stands today; keeping you informed as matters progress and change.

If you’d like to discuss organising an event for autumn or winter then we’ll be able to provide you with no obligation estimates and quotations. We understand that you may be nervous about organising an event at the moment; we’ll be happy to discuss our policies regarding postponement of events, as well as the terms and conditions surrounding our cancellation policies too.

Rest assured that we will do everything we can to take care of our clients, whether they already have bookings in place with us, or whether they are considering organising their next event. Regardless of the situation, we’ll always strive to deliver the best events and the best service possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to talk to you. Call 01372 459 485 or email to find out more.

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