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Staycation: Plan a holiday – at home!

August 5, 2020

Staycation? Well, travelling has been rather tricky this year. Planning anything (let alone a holiday) has been virtually impossible. Many of us have been furloughed, others working from home- a change is as good as a rest they say. But with shops, restaurants, bars and entertainment centres closed, and with home schooling to contend with, it’s hardly been a holiday!

At stressful times we all need something to look forward too. It’s at this time of year that we are usually planning our summer holidays. But 2020 has been far from ‘usual’ so far – book even a short overseas trip at your peril!

Why not create your favourite holiday destination at home instead? Hire a marquee – a pretty pagoda should do the job – and use it as the backdrop to some staycation holiday fun!

Theme your marquee space

If you’re going to do it, do it properly! There’s nothing less inspiring, or more disappointing than a half-hearted effort. Put the work in and you’ll create an amazing and evocative space that will take you as close to the real thing as it’s possible to get in your own back garden.

There are plenty of prop hire companies out there. We can put you in touch with some really fantastic ones! Hire a bar, add some lighting, backdrops and some cool, relaxed furniture. Design your space carefully and you could be anywhere in the world!

Your marquee doesn’t have to be a closed off space. Marquee walls open up to let the sun, fresh air and summer breezes flood in. Clear window walls are perfect for cooler evenings, still providing a view of your outdoor space whilst keeping you cosy inside.

Have a party night

Everyone loves a good night out. Consider social and physical distancing guidance, but remember that a marquee offers the extra space that you and your guests might need in order to safely socialise.

Why not theme your party? Club Tropicana anyone? Or how about a chilled-out Ibiza club night? If you don’t want to hire a DJ, then we can organise a sound system for your marquee. All you’ll need to do is choose your play list, connect your music streaming device and transport yourself to… wherever you’d like to be!

Hire a caterer

Food is a big part of any holiday! Tasting the local delicacies and dishes, trying new and exciting meals. It’s often the regional foods and dining experiences that live longest, and fondest in our memories. Food is evocative. The slightest trace of a familiar aroma can instantly transport us back to that beach bar in Bali, or terrace in Thailand.

Memories of favourite restaurants and quirky, friendly local restaurateurs come flooding back the moment an evocative smell permeates the air. The hot and spicy flavours of the Caribbean, delicate but delicious south east Asian spices! Ask your caterer to create food stations, or street food stands.

If European flavours are more your thing, think French bistros, Italian pizzerias, Spanish tapas bars or delicious, fresh seafood paella served on the beach. Vanilla Bean catering create some amazing street food stalls, they also cooked up the delicious paella, pictured here!

Stock your bar

Whether you decide to hire a bar, bar staff or just set up on a trestle table; the bar will be the focal point of your staycation/party marquee!

There are some fantastic themed bars available for hire. Hire bar staff or make it a self-service bar – the choice is yours. Just make sure that you have plenty of ice and a fully stocked fridge and the rest will take care of itself.

Oh, and make sure your drinks are on theme too. Don’t just grab whatever happens to be on offer at the local supermarket. What was your favourite tipple in Tahiti? Did you drink Sangria in Spain? Make sure that it’s on the bar menu if you want to truly transport yourself back to your favourite holiday destination.

Planning a staycation or holiday themed party?

Speak to us! Whether you want to create your own private holiday resort in your back garden or are planning a vacation themed party. We have lots of ideas and we know lots of other events industry suppliers that can help make your vision a reality! Call 01372 459485 or email to speak to a member of our team.

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