Daiva's Studio

Daiva has a deep rooted and passionate philosophy that we are all children of the world and as such we are all connected to the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature. Daiva’s  designs and creations are from the heart – making people smile and feel good are the driving forces behind the creative process of each and every commission.

To balance her very busy Studio Daiva creates an almost Zen-like atmosphere amongst a myriad of fresh cut flowers and foliage whilst creating the most stunning and visually unique arrangements.

Daiva's studio“Sometimes I wake in the small hours of the night with a complete and detailed vision of a new and exciting concept and can hardly wait until the morning so I can get started”!

Daiva includes shapes, forms and aromas from varying styles in the belief that no one’s taste should be pigeonholed into one particular genre or style.

“Although I learn towards the contemporary, I am, by nature, electric with my work, if a client has a particular style in mind then I am completely on their side. I will listen carefully to understand their preferences of colours, hues and aromas and the message they are wanting to convey. Even childhood memories of a particular scent can stay with us for a lifetime evoking a strong sense of continuity.”

“I’m so excited to be working alongside Inside Outside Marquees and creating beautiful lasting memories for each and every client!”

Come and join the journey!

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