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The future of events in a post COVID world

May 6, 2020

What a year it has been so far! The wedding and events industry is reeling from the impact of storm COVID-19. Many of our clients are too.

Meticulously planned weddings, years in the making, are on hold. Milestone wedding anniversary and birthday celebrations similarly postponed. Annual family and friend gatherings shelved for the year.

For the events world, the road to recovery is going to be a long one, but it’s worth remembering that – although it sometimes feels like it will never end – this crisis won’t last forever. When the storm clouds clear, we’ll all be looking to celebrate.

future of events

What does the future hold?

While the virtual events industry may be thriving in the COVID-19 era, in person events simply aren’t possible. Does this mean that we’re about to see a step change in the way we think about events going forward?

Not likely, in our opinion. Seeing friends, family and colleagues online just isn’t the same as seeing them in person. Technology is going to need to make some serious leaps and bounds in order to pose a genuine threat to live, in person events.

That said, we can envisage large corporate organisations making some interesting and very positive changes as a result of their forced exploration of the online events world.

These days, the environment is never far from our thoughts. Even pre COVID, companies had recently been working hard to deliver more sustainable events. Offsetting the impact of attendee travel, by air, land or sea, for example, with carbon neutrality programmes.

The COVID crisis has forced many a corporate hand. Companies still wanting or needing to hold AGMs, conferences and other events have been forced to look at alternative ways to get their teams ‘together’.

We can only hope that they find some of these solutions successful. A world in which delegates no longer need to fly halfway across the world to attend a one day conference, would be an exciting development for the environmental movement.

Companies such as MGN events, not only plan ‘in person’ private and corporate events, but also offer virtual events too. MGN have a variety of virtual solutions that allow us to envision a post COVID future where the usual, one venue international event is replaced with a multi-venue, multi-national event.

Imagine delegates gathering together at offices or venues in their respective nations, each with individual live, in person presenters, streamed to other offices and venues around the world.

The immediate future of events?

virtual site visits2020 isn’t going to be a stellar year for the events industry; but we haven’t written it off as yet. At Inside Outside, we have created a number of initiatives to encourage and those still wanting to plan events for this year.

Our virtual site visit offering isn’t new to us, but it has truly come into its’ own in recent months. We are able to conduct full and comprehensive consultations and site surveys remotely, using the latest technology and online tools.

This means that we can still offer our clients full quotations and marquee plans without the Virtual site visitsneed to contravene important social and physical distancing guidelines. It also means that our clients can continue to plan their events for later this year and next.

But what if social and physical distancing guidance persists for several more months? We’d like to encourage those considering an event for later this year to talk to us. We’ve created a flexible, low deposit booking scheme that is designed to mitigate the risks associated with ongoing ‘lockdown’ guidance.

So long as the reason is COVID-19 related, our flexible scheme allows clients with bookings to move their event date at short notice, to any other available date up until 31st March 2021. You can read more about this scheme in a recent blog post by clicking here. Alternatively, why not email sales@, or give us a call on 01372 459 485 for full details?

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