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The no fad ‘New Year, New You’

January 6, 2016

Every year everyone makes the same promises to themselves, and every year it ends the same way; the blender that sits in a cupboard, the home made salads for lunch that slowly turn into shop bought paninis and the phone calls from the gym because you haven’t shown your face in a while.

That’s because we can’t all make promises to ourselves on the 1st of January and expect to keep it up all year long, why change your life for a matter of weeks when you can do it gradually over the year? Don’t make your resolution one that becomes a fad.

Looking to get fit and healthy?
January is probably the worst time to join the gym; it will be busy and if you haven’t been before or in a long time it will be daunting! Go for a run outside in the fresh air or do some home exercises; using your own body weight for resistance training is one of the best ways to get stronger and tone up, just 15 minutes a day is better than nothing!

It is important to make the time to exercise, do it while watching TV, get up a little earlier than usual, go to bed slightly later, walk instead of drive small distances – if you give yourself the time to do exercise, however busy you are, your routine will allow for it and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Once the month of January has passed look into joining a gym if you have kept the exercise up, paying £30+ a month for a gym membership is a commitment that you want to be able to stick to.
The main reason people fail at diets because it is just that, a diet. There is nothing worse than the ‘I’m on a diet’ thought, you won’t enjoy your food, are more likely to binge and will end up eating low fat, high sugar, unhealthy versions of your favourite foods. Instead go in with the mindset of a change of lifestyle, healthy eating all the time with the occasional treat when you want it. Don’t limit the food you eat, just eat unhealthily less often and make sure the majority of your diet is made up of healthy proteins and fat, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains, eggs, dairy beans, meat and seafood. Swap chips for sweet potatoes, crisps for carrot sticks, chocolate bars for raw homemade cereal bars and ensure at least 50% of your lunch and evening meal is made up of vegetables. Rather than fruit, aim for five vegetables a day and anything over that is a bonus!

It is the small changes that are easiest to keep, and next year you won’t have to make the same resolutions!

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Just engaged and looking to lose weight for your big day?

Take on a similar mindset of the resolution, no fad diets will help keep you on track and ensure you are healthy, while being able to maintain your ideal weight so the dress fits perfectly on your big day!

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