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The Wedding Report

March 20, 2019

The Wedding Report

The Wedding Industry Awards (TWIA) is a well established highly respected industry body; so when we heard that they had teamed up with Bridebook, the fantastic and FREE online wedding planning app, to create the UK Wedding Report 2019, we decided to find out more and share a few of their findings with you. Here, in our own words, are some of the highlights.

When do people get married?

Wedding ReportWell, according to the wedding report the most popular wedding day is still Saturday – perhaps not a huge surprise; we doubt the fact that most couples (63%) choose to marry during the UK’s warmer months, June through September, is a huge surprise either. With 21% of all weddings taking place in August, it was the most popular wedding month by far in 2018.

So, what does that mean to you? For one, there’ll be lots of competition for the best suppliers, venues and dates in the summer months. Why not consider doing something wild and going for a mid week or out of season wedding? There could be some great offers out there many wedding industry suppliers will be keen for business during their low season – and a winter wedding can be spectacular and rather unique, especially in a marquee.

Where are people choosing to marry?

Wedding ReportWell geographically, the wedding report states that 35% of all weddings took place in the Southern England in 2018, followed by North West England and the East Midlands which each accounted for 13% of weddings. London accounted for just 3% and Scotland just 1%.

In terms of ceremony location, we continue to see the trend for holding wedding ceremonies at the reception venue, rather than at a place of worship, grow in popularity; 67% of weddings were held at the reception venue; two years ago this was just 60%. Weddings held at places of worship dropped to just 23% in 2018.

Where do couples spend their Honeymoon?

Wedding ReportBridebook’s wedding report explains that continental Europe remains the most popular honeymoon destination with 26% of couples opting to hop across the channel for their post nuptial getaway. 15% of couples opt to honeymoon right here in the UK– the second most popular destination according to the survey.

The average spend on an international honeymoon is just under £5,000 – however, when you consider that the average UK honeymoon spend comes in at just under £2,500 you might begin to appreciate why the honeymoon stay-cation have grown in popularity over the last couple of years.

Which wedding colour trends were popular last year?

Wedding ReportNo surprises here – White and Ivory top the tables with 59% of wedding schemes including these eternally popular colour elements. Pink arrived in second position, featuring in a remarkable 44% of themes, with blue putting in a strong show to appear in 34% of wedding schemes.

Green featured in 24% of wedding themes in 2018, not bad -but it will be interesting to see if the colour sees a boost in popularity in 2019 following an appearance in the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last May.

Who should we invite to our wedding?

We can’t tell you who to invite, but we can tell you that  the wedding report gives the average number of wedding guests at just under eighty – ninety if you include evening only guests.

So whoever you invite, choose wisely, those spaces are special, limited edition one offs!

How long before people tie the knot?

Some people wait years (16% of couples wait over 30 months according to the wedding report); however, most engagements last 18 months or less (56%). Around 76% of couples marry within two years of the question being popped (and met with an enthusiastic ‘Yes!’).

Want to find out more?

We love weddings and can help with advice on all aspects of planning and preparation. We are happy to offer free, no obligation quotations – so please don’t hesitate to contact the team and find out more, today.

Inside Outside were named as South East of England marquee supplier of the year, 2019 at the prestigious wedding industry awards (TWIA) – the only wedding industry focused awards voted on by the awards entrants clients.

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