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Tips for being a healthy events professional on the go

October 8, 2015

Our foremen are extremely physically hard working and on their feet all day putting up marquee structures for dream events; they are amongst the minority. The majority of people in the UK work in an office, with 65 to 75% of their working hours spent sitting, with sedentary behaviour accounting for 60% of people’s waking hours, which can be a high risk for long term health conditions.

As a busy event professional it can be hard to keep on top of healthy eating, one day you are at the office and next you are running around after people. If you are constantly on the go there is little or no time to exercise, while complimentary cakes and canapés often count as dinner. With the busy Christmas period approaching, don’t wait until the New Year to start your resolution. These tips are easy to incorporate in your day to day life and will make you feel more energised than ever:

Plan ahead
If you don’t plan out your meals and snacks in advance then you are more likely to eat badly. Make a meal plan and factor in your events, meetings, out of office times and try to fit in an exercise regime. Batch cook on the weekends, and go shopping based on your meal plan, pick foods that will only be doing good to your body for example eggs, avocado, fish and quinoa. Smoothies are great for breakfast on the go or as a snack, make sure they don’t contain too much sugar and add some protein, for example spinach or chia seeds.

Don’t skip meals
Always make time for breakfast, a bowl of organic porridge with fresh fruit and a green tea is a great start to the day. While on the go at a busy event it can be very easy to skip meals, when you get going it can be hard to stop and have a break for food. If you look after a team it is also important to make sure they are making time to eat, set an alarm on your phone as a reminder. Don’t put your own health at risk, make it a priority. Bring raw cereal bars that don’t contain any added nasties, or make a batch of energy fuelled oat bars at the weekend to bring in with you. Fruit and vegetables can often get squashed in your bag, if you have a fridge to put your lunch in then bring in a huge salad and fruit to snack on, and if not then nuts can be a life saver on the go.

Eat carefully
Food is always a big part of events, and it can be extremely hard to avoid the carbs and pudding. Make more sensible choices, instead of chips have vegetables, instead of chocolate have fruit. Always aim for your five a day, or more, if you add it up during the day it will help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing your food. If you are eating out or know the catering menu then try and pick what healthy meal you are going to eat in advance so you don’t suddenly get influenced by your favourite 1,000 calorie meal on the day.

Stay hydrated
With the busy nature of the job it can be extremely hard to find the time to drink, keep a big bottle of water on you and aim to keep it filled up during the day. Coconut water is also great for hydration while being full of lots of vitamins and minerals, one small carton a day could give you some added natural energy. Also try to avoid drinking alcohol as this will amount to a lot of calories and you will not be as sharp the next day, it can also lead to poor food choices and lack of motivation. It can be hard when at event so try to moderate your drinking, if you don’t want to miss out, by drinking water in-between.

Start the day even earlier
It may be difficult at first, but if you are keeping off the alcohol you will feel great for it. Even 15 minutes of exercise before the day begins will mean you don’t have to make time at the end of the day when you would rather just go to bed. Exercise in the morning keeps your metabolism elevated throughout the day, meaning you will burn more calories too.

Body weight training
These extra 15 minutes in the morning will be extremely effective if you use what you have around you; your body weight. You don’t need a gym or any equipment, just the end of a bed, walls and a comfortable floor. Wall sits, sit ups, push ups, squats, press ups and burpees can all be effectively done in a small space and you can do it any time of day. If you are staying in an area for a couple of days try a free gym trial at a nearby sports park, or see if the hotel has a gym.

Track your fitness
If you are out on site, at an event or frantically running around this will all count towards some fitness activity. A fitness tracker will count how many steps you do and how many calories you burn, set yourself a target amount of steps to achieve each day, if it means parking 10 minutes away and walking the rest of the journey, leaving your desk for a brisk walk at lunch, taking the stairs instead of the lift or doing some walking lunges in the hotel; it all counts.


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