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Top Five New Wedding Tradition Trends

September 17, 2015

Wedding traditions are changing; In the age of interactive events and social media everything from photography on Pinterest to venues at imitation wedding open days are inspiring Brides-To-Be to create their own unique wedding experience.

According to Renee Patrone of Events by Renee, the following five traditions are currently trending in the wedding industry:

A First Look
Seeing each other before walking down the aisle used to be considered unlucky, but not anymore – as well as providing a wonderful photo opportunity, it frees up time that could potentially be spent getting nervous. Holding cocktail hours before the ceremony begins is a great way to incorporate this new tradition to your day, along with the magical first look, you can spend precious time with family and friends before you tie the knot.

Wedding-day Activity
Making the most of the day and getting up early for pre-wedding activities has become somewhat of a tradition. Men – you don’t have to worry about getting hair and make up done – an early morning round of golf or brunch suits you nicely. Brides are getting the day off to a good start by exercising before sunrise and then heading off to beauty appointments for some quality time with their bridesmaids before becoming a Mrs.

Weekday Weddings
If you are flexible with your dates then a mid week ceremony could be a great alternative to the traditional weekend wedding. If you haven’t got a particular date in mind then you don’t have to restrict yourself. Why not start your celebrations on a Thursday with wine night? You then have the whole weekend afterwards to stretch out the celebrations, it won’t feel rushed and you can enjoy time with your loved ones.

Destination Weddings
Not just abroad, but within the UK too. Pick your favourite destination, it may be a place where you and your spouse-to-be made some unforgettable memories, or you might have family members in a picturesque area you hadn’t considered. Why not combine travelling, your favourite places and visiting family with your wedding day?

Unique Venues
Rather than the traditional church – barns, converted warehouses, family estates and mansions are becomingly increasingly popular as the go-to venues for a quirky wedding reception, and even ceremony. The beauty of using a unique venue is that you have more freedom to make it your own, do something different and bring out your personality. Pitch up a marquee in the grounds of an estate or extend one from a barn for flexibility with your guest count, you will also be adding more space for drinks and dancing! Read more here about wedding marquees:

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