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Top three party trends in 2022

December 29, 2021

It has been a wild couple of years the world over. With a global pandemic peering over our shoulders, partying has been the one thing that we either haven’t felt like doing, or haven’t been able to do! However, all that is about to change. Luxury, experiential trends are on the rise in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; parties and celebrations are high on the list of ‘things to do’ as we search for more meaningful ways to sped our money and create important shared experiences and memories.

We expect to see these three party trends in 2022:

Celebrating: The number one party trend in 2022

It has been a wild couple of years the world over. With a global pandemic peering over our shoulders, celebrating has been the one thing that we either haven’t felt like doing, or haven’t been able to do!

Post COVID Party: Marquee BlogsWhilst the COVID-19 pandemic continues to occupy a significant space in our lives, it may seem that celebrating is something that could end up on the backburner once again. However, despite the emergence of new variants and strains, there is much optimism around the management and treatments for the virus in 2022.

In an end of year review post on his blogging site ‘Gatesnotes’, Bill Gates discusses the future of the pandemic, how the word is better prepared to tackle any potentially bad (COVID) variants than at any other point in the pandemic so far, and his belief that the acute phase of the pandemic will end in 2022.

With a couple of subdued years under their belts, people are looking for reasons to get back together with family, friends and loved ones. Their ready and excited to celebrate… pretty much anything – as soon as it’s safe to do so.

One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is how important other people are to us. How much we miss our nearest and dearest, and how much we miss sharing life experiences with them. As a result the trend towards experiential luxury continues to grow. Plain and simple consumerism is on the slide. We value one another, and the world around us much more than we ever have before.

People would rather invest in high quality, shared experiences than blowing their hard earned cash on selfish frivolities. Assuming that variants such as Omicron are managed and contained, expect to see luxury events such as parties explode in 2022!

Environmental, sustainable party trends in 2022

wedding marquee and party CateringToday’s consumers are more aware of the socio-environmental impact of their actions than at any time before. This is having a direct effect on their decisions when it comes to making luxury purchases. This includes investment in luxury experiences – such as parties and events – too.

We expect to see consumers continue to move towards the use of brands that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Caterers that source organic, locally grown and seasonal produce for example. Provenance is key. These days we are more aware and care more deeply about where our food comes from. We want to know how it was farmed; the animal welfare standards involved. We care about food miles, transportation methods and so on.

These days single use plastics are a definite no. People are also considering hiring in more of their event props, tableware, crockery, cutlery and glassware instead of buying it. Paperless invitation processes and RSVP’s are easily managed digitally with the advent of services such as Paperless Post and Eventbrite.

Where single use consumables are seen as a ‘necessity’ there are usually biodegradable options or alternatives available.

Outdoor and marquee party trends in 2022

Outdoor events have always been popular – especially during the summer months. But the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly refocused thinking around the spaces in which we spend time, particularly those in which we are spending extended amounts of time with large groups of people.

Garden Party trends in 2022Event venues were never designed with pandemic restrictions and health and safety requirements in mind. However, outdoor events such as garden parties or marquee based events offer less of a challenge when it comes to guest flow and considerations such as air quality.

Marquee designs are bespoke and each marquee is created to meet the need of its users; whether for a large party or a more intimate gathering. Marquee sides can be opened to allow for better airflow and separate entry and exit points can be added too. What’s more, a marquee venue can be sized according to the number of guests attending. This means that the appropriate amount of space can be allowed for between tables and chairs.

We’re expecting to see a continued surge in outdoor events, garden parties and marquee based celebrations in 2022.

Party trends in 2022

If you are considering holding an event then ask potential suppliers about party trends in 2022. Our team are well versed and up to speed with the latest trends. We’ve been creating luxury marquee for private at corporate occasions for over 40 years now – so we have learned to keep our fingers on the pulse!

We’ll be more than happy to discuss your ideas, COVID safe best practices, latest trends and to provide you with no obligation estimates and quotes. Call 01373 459485 or email

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