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Virtual site visits

April 22, 2020

If you are trying to plan a post lockdown event such as a wedding, Christmas party or even an end of summer party, you may be finding it difficult when your potential suppliers can’t come to you.

But don’t despair! We can plan marquees via virtual site visits.

Wedding marquee hire: A large frame tent marquee with Chinese hat entrance and reception areas

What are virtual site visits?

Let’s start by explaining what a site visit is. We’ll get to the virtual element later on

A traditional site visit usually involves us coming to meet and get to know you at your home or chosen venue. Understanding you, your personality and what you want to get out of your event is what a site visit is all about.

We always take a consultative approach – meaning that we listen carefully to your vision and ideas. Only then do we make suggestions and offer ideas to help you shape your event.

You will have chosen your venue for a reason, whether that venue is your home, that of a close friend, family member or a hired space. Our job is to work with you to create a marquee that makes the most of that venue.

We’ll offer help and advice on the flow of your event, from the moment guests arrive to the time that they leave. We will help you consider where guests will park their cars, the walk to the marquee, the position of the sun during reception drinks, where and when the sun will set, the view from the marquee and much much more.

In addition, we’ll look at some of the more practical, yet vitally important elements that are often overlooked.

When we survey your chosen venue, we’ll look at elements such as access for our marquee installation team and parking for their vehicles. We will consider the distance they’ll need to carry the marquee equipment and the route that they will need to take. We’ll also consider your third party suppliers such as caterers too. Access to their facilities, delivery routes and parking for their refrigerated vehicles.

We will suggest the best locations for portable toilets, outside bars and other elements that might be external to the main marquee. Importantly, we’ll also look at access to an electrical power supply, a water supply, heaters and power generators – if required.

We’ll take any key measurements, note the location of garden ornaments, flowerbeds, ponds, trees and furniture; you might even want to incorporate some of these into your marquee design!

Following the site visit, we present you with a fully itemised quotation and a scale plan of your potential marquee.

The great news is that we’ve developed a system that allows us to do all of this remotely, with virtual site visits!

Virtual site visits

Marquee created via virtual site visit! Plans and Google Earth views used for planning are shown below.

How do we achieve this virtually?

Site visits can now be conducted remotely, using video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp. In fact, it’s something that we’ve been offering for a while. Mainly when our clients are based internationally, or where other factors mean that a traditional site visit isn’t possible.

For a virtual site visit, our ‘face to face’ meetings would be carried out via video call; traditional telephone call if you’d prefer. We’d normally sit around a table and have an informal chat with a cup of tea and some biscuits; but unusual times call for radical solutions and in our experience these video chats work very well.

At this stage you’ll explain your vision for your event. We’ll listen carefully before making any suggestions or asking any questions; you can ask us lots of questions if you like too.

We’ll also share images with you, either on screen, via apps such as Instagram, or from our website galleries. We can even send you images and video links via email. You will probably have a good idea of how you’d like your marquee to look, so we’d invite you to share any images that you’ve found with us too.

virtual site visits

Surveying the marquee sites

There are a number of ways that we can do this.

If you are able to walk us around your potential marquee site using your mobile, tablet or laptop during a video call that would be great! This way we can discuss the sites as we go around. We can ask questions or ask you to focus the camera on specific areas.

Alternatively (or even additionally) you could take a video of the site/s after our call and send this to us via email. We might even ask for you to take a few photographs of some specific areas – if we need them.

We’ll also use Google Earth to get a good idea of the potential marquee site from above. This way we can get a fairly good idea of the scale of the area. Meaning we’ll be able to produce our overhead marquee plans and send them to you along with your quote.

Do virtual site visits work?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, we’ve been doing them for a while. We’ve found virtual site visits extremely useful and surprisingly easy to conduct. With clients sharing the right information, images and measurements remotely, we’ve been able to successfully build a number of marquees via virtual site visits.

These have even included house extension marquee builds which often require more complex surveys and information. Again, with the right images and the sharing of simple information at our request, we’ve been able to build marquees that have left our clients over the moon!

Virtual site visits

Are you interested in finding out more about our virtual site visits?

Why not give us a call or send us an email? There’s no obligation and no pushy sales process either. Our site visits, virtual or otherwise, are free and followed up with an overhead marquee plan visual and a no obligation quotation sent to you by email.

We begin with a simple telephone chat to find out the basic details for your event. We’ll even give you a ball park estimate over the telephone. If everything sounds good, we’ll organise a time and date for the virtual site visit to take place.

Call our team on 01372 459485 or email to find out more.

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