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Who are Inside Outside Marquee Hire?

January 12, 2022

Who are Inside Outside Marquee Hire? What do you get if you cross a car with a roof-rack, a sewing machine and a desire to be the best? A marquee company of course! Well, that’s how it all began for Inside Outside anyway.

Who are Inside Outside marquee hire?

Frank and employee in 1988

A marquee company built in the pursuit of excellence

Back in 1980, Frank Batty (the company’s founder and original owner), had a vision; to create a marquee hire service that not only delivered great marquees, but that offered unrivaled levels of customer service too.

Frank’s dream was to build a company that took marquee hire to the next level. He worked tirelessly to do so and quickly established a reputation as the go to guy for the best marquees in Surrey and the surrounding areas. But never one to rest on his laurels, Frank continued to push boundaries and to expand his business. It wasn’t long before he saw his company grow and its reputation flourish with word of his services continuing to spread further and wider.

New beginnings, old fashioned values

Fast forward some thirty years and having established Inside Outside’s reputation as Surrey and the South East’s number one company for luxury marquee hire, it was time for Frank to hang up his marquee makers spurs…

But bursting with innovative marquee building ideas, creative capabilities, knowledge and a wealth of hard-earned experience, the business and its team of dedicated and seasoned marquee professionals, still had plenty left to offer.

Iain Booth Who are Inside Outside Marquee Hire?Enter Iain Booth. An experienced events industry professional who had crossed paths with Inside Outside many times during his career. Iain’s work with an event hire company brought him into regular contact with a multitude of different marquee suppliers on a near daily basis. But it was always Inside Outside’s marquees that turned his head.

“From the first moment that I stepped inside one of their marquees, I knew they were the best” explains Iain. “Their attention to detail was second to none… it was a really impressive set up, head and shoulders above any other supplier that I came across”.

So, when the opportunity to purchase the company arose Iain didn’t need much convincing. “I had already seen what Inside Outside could do, and knew that I could grow, develop and enhance this already brilliant company”. It was a done deal, and in 2010 Iain took the reins, initially with Frank’s guidance and support, he got stuck in and has never looked back.

Who are Inside Outside marquee hire today?

Who are Inside Outside Marquee Hire?Today the company’s reputation for excellence endures. Iain now runs Inside Outside with his wife Lynne and with support from his eldest daughter Ella, along with a core team of professional marquee builders. “It’s a family business, run with family values. We love it and we love what we do.

My family have grown up alongside Inside Outside, it’s in our DNA, a part of who we are”. But is customer service still at the heart of what they do? “Of course! The company was built upon a foundation of great customer service, and that will never change” says Iain.

Inside Outside have been around for over forty years, weathering a variety of storms and challenges along the way. From global financial crisis to global pandemics, it’s a testament to their hard work and dedication to excellence that they have not only survived, but continued to thrive, despite these challenges.

Luxury marquee hire has never looked so good!

If you are considering holding a marquee based event then call Iain and his team on 01372 459485. The team will listen to your ideas, offer advice and guidance, plus they’ll provide you with a ‘no obligation’ estimate over the telephone too. Alternatively, email and a member of the team will get in touch as soon as possible. Who are Inside Outside Marquee Hire? Why not give the team a call and find out?

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